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Bell Howell Sonic Breathe Review

Is the air in your home so dry that it makes your throat itch and gives you unbearable sinuses? Carrying your humidifier from room to room is not a solution because of its bulkiness.


Bell Howell Sonic Breathe
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Shake Stop Review

The whole earth shakes like an earthquake but it’s not the end of days – It’s you washer. It wobbles, pulsates and vibrates. Just when you think you can’t take it any more your washer is walking across the floor, … Read the rest

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Wonder Step Mat Review

Do your kids and pets always bring dirt into your home? Here’s introducing the Wonder Step mat, the incredible new mat that traps the dirt so your home stays clean.


Wonder Step Mat
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Instant Garage Door Screen Review

The Instant Garage Door Screen is a mesh screen door that lets you convert and transform your garage into anything you want. You can convert it into a game room, an entertainment quarter, your child’s play area, a workshop, a … Read the rest

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Magic Mesh Review

On a warm day, it is great to open out your doors and let the fresh, cool air in. However, bugs can get in too, ruining it for you. Magic Mesh is the answer. It is a new type of … Read the rest

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DIY Gutter Clutter Buster Review

Why Gutter Clutter Buster – If you hate cleaning gutters, then the Gutter Clutter Buster is the perfect tool for you. It is here to the rescue. The idea behind this wonderful tool is to clean rain gutters without climbing … Read the rest