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Sleek Socket REVIEW

About Sleek Socket

Are you tired of those unsightly cords in your home? Here’s introducing Sleek Socket, a device that promises to completely conceal your plugs and outlets out of sight. Sleek Socket claims to feature 3 power outlets and … Read the rest

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My Foldaway Mirror REVIEW

About My Foldaway Mirror

My Foldaway Mirror states to be a double sided vanity mirror. The two sided mirror asserts to be integrated with super bright LED lights. It claims to be perfect for makeup, tweezing, contacts and more. It … Read the rest

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Freedom Light REVIEW

About Freedom Light

Freedom Light asserts to be a portable light up switch that comprises of powerful LEDs that offers powerful and portable lighting. Freedom Light declares to come with a switch that needs to be flipped on to emit … Read the rest

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Pocket Flip-Brella

What is Pocket Flip-Brella?

It claims to be a heavy-duty umbrella that has a unique reversible design that holds the rain inside it, opens quickly, and even hold against strong winds.



Reversible umbrella

Pocket Flip-Brella maintains to be … Read the rest

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Star Shower Movie Magic

What is Star Shower Movie Magic

It claims to be an innovative way to light up the house with laser lights. It is easy to setup and offers various patterns to light up the house for different occasions. Star Shower … Read the rest