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JML Tone Zone Shaper

What is Tone Zone Shaper? – It is an abdominal trainer that offers 3 levels of resistance and 10 different exercises for abs.

The complete and amazing abs exerciser

You may have tried out a … Read the rest

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Weider X-Factor ST

Nothing quite like it

The Weider X-Factor ST is presented as a total work out formula that can transform your body like nothing else. It’s an 8-week program that provides progressive sequence training in the Optimization Zone from the core … Read the rest

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Total Gym Fit

What is Total Gym FIT? – The latest home gym model from the brand Total Gym that can be set up at home for complete workout.

Best quality home gym model

Total Gym FIT promises … Read the rest

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Perfect Rip Deck

What is Perfect Rip Deck?

Perfect Rip Deck is a chest building system that combines two exercises, viz. sliding chest fly and rotating pushup in one.

Work out smart, not hard

Perfect Rip Deck is … Read the rest

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Our lives have become quite hectic and stressful taking a toll on your bodies. At the same time you have to bring your best game to work or every aspect of your life every day. How do you manage to … Read the rest

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Weider Club SideKick

Claims to chisel your upper body to perfection

Weider Club SideKick has been launched with great fanfare as the ultimate exercise equipment to chisel your upper body. Designed as a chair you can be seated on to exercise, the makers … Read the rest

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Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight

Claims to be the best dumbbell

Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight has been launched for those who are extremely particular about looking fit and muscular. Weider 100 lb. Speed Weight is presented as a replacement of 16 dumbbells in one … Read the rest

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Ab Tone IT

You might have done everything possible to lose weight and get into shape. However the problem often lies with the flab in your tummy area, which is difficult to get rid of. Regular crunches don’t always give you washboard abs … Read the rest

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Are you annoyed about your belly fat, which is taking away from your appearance and making you feel less confident? You know belly fat is quite stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Regular sit-ups don’t always bring the results … Read the rest