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Zip Trainer by The Firm

What is Zip Trainer by The Firm?

It is an ingenious fitness workout DVD designed with a revolutionary trainer that helps lose weight in just 60 days. It is available for women seeking cardio and strength training to lose weight … Read the rest

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Thigh Train

What is Thigh Train?

It is a compact exercise machine that in one sliding motion helps you sculpt inner and outer thighs.

Amazing way to shape up your thighs

Thigh Train promises to make it … Read the rest

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Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill from Proform

What is Thinline Pro Desk Treadmill?

It is a sleek and innovative treadmill that helps to work out while working in with its amazing fold-to-desk feature. It can also be attached to a tablet and with IFIT features simulate any … Read the rest

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What is 21 Day Fix?

It is a fitness and nutrition program which is a combination of a unique portion-control system and an easy-to-follow workout that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule giving you an amazing body faster and in … Read the rest

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What is Vitarid-r:

It is a pedal exerciser. Vitarid offers you a simple but effective way of keeping your body moving and thus healthy like you’d want it to be.
Vitarid-r has been designed for people of all ages, and … Read the rest

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JackHammer Abs

What is JackHammer Abs

It is an innovative way to sculpt abs easily with next generation vibration technology called Activibe. It delivers 87% more muscle activation than any other traditional technique.

Sculpt Abs easily

JackHammer Abs is a revolutionary ab-toning … Read the rest

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Body LX 360 System

What is Body LX 360 System

It is an intelligent workout system that provides multi-vector exercises to the muscles to help reduce body fat and shape it into a sculpted physique.

Intelligent Body Workout

Body LX 360 System is a … Read the rest

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ProForm Power 1495 Treadmill

About ProForm Power 1495 Treadmill

It is a sophisticated treadmill that combines exceptionally advanced technology and innovative features like a dashboard, compatibility with iPod, iPad, and smartphone and more. It uses iFit® interactive technology and recreates visuals of exotic places … Read the rest

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Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser

What is Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser:

It is an exercise wheel that can give you a complete body workout.
Ab Orb Wheel Exerciser is supposed to offer you an effective way of getting those washboard abs that you have always … Read the rest

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Fitmaxx 5 Exercise Machine

What is Fitmaxx 5

It is a fitness equipment that gives you a full body workout and works on all muscle groups simultaneously by combining cardio and ab training. It has five different resistance levels to suit beginners as well … Read the rest