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Beach Body CIZE Review

About Beach Body CIZE

Beach Body CIZE claims to be an at home fitness program by Shaun T that is actually a dance workout. The program promises to be a fun way to lose weight and get into shape especially … Read the rest

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FlexCycle Review

What is FlexCycle

It is a stationery fitness bike that promises to work your upper and lower body while you sit comfortably.

FlexCycle claims to offer you a way to work out those muscles that haven’t been tested for years. … Read the rest

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Ab Toner Review

What is Ab Toner

It is a simple toner device that claims to let you have those flat and sexy abs you have always wanted.

Ab Toner emphasizes on the fact that it’s possible to get washboard abs without having … Read the rest

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Shake Weight Roll Review

About Shake Weight Roll

Shake Weight Roll is an exercise system that claims to let you work out your entire body with muscle shredding and circuit training. The roller promises to combine the upper body workout of push up bars, … Read the rest

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Gymform Duo Impulse Review

About Gymform Duo Impulse

Gymform Duo Impulse is a slimming system that convinces to be the most convenient and practical solution when it comes to getting in shape. Gymform Duo Impulse states to tone the entire body and being compact … Read the rest

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Ab Surfer Review

About Ab Surfer

Ab Surfer states to be exercise equipment that lets you get dashboard abs, thinner thighs, toned legs, and tight buttocks fast and easy right at home. It states to let you burn more calories and get a … Read the rest

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Happy Legs Walking Machine Review

What is Happy Legs Walking Machine:

It is an exerciser that not only claims to help you with mobility issues but can be used as an adjunct treatment for obesity as well.

Happy Legs Walking Machine asserts that it can … Read the rest