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CIZE vs T25

Compare what is it? CIZE vs T25

Designed by world renowned instructor Shaun T. it is an exercise program that helps lose weight and work every muscle of the body by combining exercise and dance moves, making it more … Read the rest

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BRB Yoga Review

What is BRB Yoga?

BRB Yoga as shown in the infomercial is a library of videos claiming to focus on Yoga practice for busy moms. Each of these videos have a running time between 20 to 30 minutes. It lets … Read the rest

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Chair Shaper Review

What is Chair Shaper –

It claims to be an innovative way to work out right at home and harnesses the power of resistance bands to help users get in shape and feel great easily.


Read the rest

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Blake Blaster Review

What is a Blake Blaster?

As shown in the infomercial Blake Blaster claims to be a revolutionary squat training device that promises to deliver rapid results to those hard to target areas of the body to reveal a perfectly toned, … Read the rest

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Powerfit Review

What is PowerFit?

As depicted in the infomercial PowerFit is a fitness machine that claims to use vibrating plates to engage every muscle in the body thus giving a compete workout. The makers further claim that unlike common vibrating technology … Read the rest

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Vibrapower Disc 2

What is Vibrapower Disc 2

It claims to be a revolutionary exercise machine that allows users to perform workout at their highest peak and target 100% muscle fibers using oscillation vibration technology. It comes with resistance bands to perform high-intensity … Read the rest

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As per the infomercial it is a dual action bike that provides exercise for both the arms and legs at the same time. The workout provides flexibility and improves circulation in the body to stay healthy and … Read the rest

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Xtreme Power Belt Review

What is Xtreme Power Belt

It claims to be an amazing abdomen belt that can help tone down 2 sizes and look slimmer by providing a gorgeous hour-glass figure. It asserts to compresses the abs and provides fat burning by … Read the rest

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Weider Ultimate Body Work Review

What is Weider Ultimate Body Work

It claims to be the new age solution for at-home workout by providing a compact solution to work on both the upper and lower body muscles. It is space saving and designed with features … Read the rest

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Weider MMA VKR Power Tower Review

What is Weider MMA VKR Power Tower

It claims to be a hardcore workout machine that helps train anyone for an incredible cardio and great strength training with each move. It features a heavy bag, dip station along with multi-grip … Read the rest