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Step360 Reviews and Complaints

Do you want to lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days? And that’s just for starters. Lose a jean size by the weekend. Sizzle away calories and blast off fast. Shape long, lean muscle. Do you want the body … Read the rest

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Ultimate Curve Shaper Review

Are you fed of trying to get into shape with workout routines that just don’t work for you? You’ve tried rolling, pulling, crunching, kneeling, but your belly still bulges and your arms still shake. But now, you can forget those … Read the rest

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Jay Glazers Perfect Punch Workout Review

With Perfect Punch you can now get ready to punch your way to the perfect body. Perfect Punch is the ultimate MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) resistance training system. The secret of the Perfect punch is the progressive resistance technology.

 … Read the rest

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Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Review

Introducing Billy Blanks PT 24/7 – workout system so powerful, you will feel the results in 24 hours. You see results in only 7 days. PT 24/7 is a complete system that includes 7 fat busting, muscle-toning programs. Each program … Read the rest

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Jam Gym Review

Look out for the revolutionary new fitness device call the Jam Gym. Designed for stretching, muscle building, and cardio, now you can get a total body suspension workout right in your own home.


How does Jam Gym work?
Suspension … Read the rest

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Kymaro Rhythm Rocker Review

Kymaro introduces the rocking, crunching and rolling workout system i.e. Kymaro Rhythm Rocker. It turns twenty five fun dance moves into the most affective core sculpting, ab ripping workouts, you have ever done sitting down. You can blast away the … Read the rest