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Many of us have been trying to lose weight and get into the shape of our lives for a long time now. However it’s easier said than done, especially with some of the use at home equipment that don’t really … Read the rest

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CrossOver Abs

Who doesn’t want to get that lean and sexy body, which makes you feel good about yourself? But certain problem areas like your belly are difficult to get rid of. You might have done sit ups and crunches, worked with … Read the rest

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Velform Contour Sonic

Shaping the body has always been every individual’s dream. The most common approach being hours of exercising in a gym or keeping track of every little bit you consume. VELFORM CONTOUR SONIC claims to get you a dream body shape … Read the rest

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EZ Abs

Who doesn’t want to have those washboard abs that you see on fitness models and actors? You do your best to try and get them but the results don’t always show. You can’t keep spending those huge gym membership fees … Read the rest

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ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial

ProForm 2013 TDF Centennial is the official training bike of Le Tour de France, unarguably the most prestigious cycling tour in the world. Powered by Google Maps this bike will be your way to take your performance to a whole … Read the rest

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Dynatrainer Review

Are you spending lots of time on working out the abs and seeing absolutely no results? Well, the new age Dynatrainer can be really helpful, unlike the other ineffective abs machine available.

How does Dynatrainer … Read the rest

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Butterfly Abs Review


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Are you trying to lose weight but all the weight lifting is wearing you out? And is the time you get out of your daily schedule these days restricting you from going to … Read the rest

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Ultimate Body Glider Review

Have you been working out in the gym or trying out one fitness routine or another to get into the shape of your life? Have you seen results initially but they seem to have petered out over time? What are … Read the rest

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Richard Simmons Project Hope Review

Many of us are trying to lose weight and get into the shape of their lives. And that’s the way it should be, especially because we know that extra pounds can not only affect your appearance but your overall health … Read the rest