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CoreCoach REVIEW

What is CoreCoach?

It states to be a Physical Therapist’s proven workout system that engages and activates the Transverse Abdominis (TVA) muscle to strengthen the core for relieving back pain.


Relieve back pain

CoreCoach … Read the rest

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Leg Magic Plus REVIEW

About Leg Magic Plus

Leg Magic Plus is designed keeping in mind the entire lower body muscles. It is an ultimate lower body sculpting solution that shapes your butt, legs and core all at the same time in 5-minute workouts! … Read the rest

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What is FITNATION Flex Bike Ultra – As per the infomercial it is a multi-level adjustable magnetic resistance workout bike that helps in weight loss. It also has built-in resistance bands that provide upper body workout as well. FITNATION Flex … Read the rest

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5 Minutes Shaper PRO REVIEW

what is 5 Minutes Shaper PRO?

5 Minutes Shaper PRO alleges to be an intensive ab, core and total body workout machine. Based on inclined reverse crunch movement it claims to sculpt the body by spending only 5 minutes in … Read the rest

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Vertical Spin Trainer

About Vertical Spin Trainer

Vertical Spin Trainer states to be an exercise cycle that helps you burn more calories in less time with its ultimate cycling workout. Vertical Spin Trainer convinces to have three degrees of activation – cardio workout … Read the rest

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Miss Belt Sport

What is Miss Belt Sport

It claims to be a waist cincher that shapes the waist by adding compression to it and slim down the area by promoting sweat. Miss Belt Sport declares to be a unique waist cincher that … Read the rest

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Wonder Core Cycle

What is Wonder Core Cycle?

It claims to be a total body workout system that trains the entire body to provide tightening and toning of muscles along with heart-pounding cardio exercise.


Wonder Core Cycle … Read the rest

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VibroShaper REVIEW

What is VibroShaper? – If you want to lose weight but simply dislike working out in the gym or doing normal exercise then it’s time for you to make the switch. Here’s introducing VIBROSHAPER, the ultimate oscillating gym designed to … Read the rest