Fashion Accessories

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Bracelet Secret Review

About Bracelet Secret

Bracelet Secret claims to be a convenient hair tie holder that also doubles up as a stylish bracelet. It proclaims to keep hair ties off the skin and prevent the elastic from cutting off blood circulation and … Read the rest

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Hot Jewels

What is Hot Jewels

Hot Jewels are body jewelry tattoos that are designed to look like jewelry to give you a dazzling look in golden and silver. They come in four sets of designs – classic, tribal, feather and love… Read the rest

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30 Seconds Streaks

What are 30 Seconds Streaks:

They are synthetic coloured streaks that look close to your natural hair and claim to up your glamour quotient.
30 Seconds Streaks emphasize on the fact that they let you have funky and cool hair … Read the rest

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Spyro Curls

What are Spyro Curls:

They are a hair styling tool that claim let you have those silky smooth curls naturally and within no time.
Spyro Curls promises to be the handy hair styling tool for you whenever you want to … Read the rest

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Hot Stampz

What are Hot Stampz:

They are hair accessories that claim to add that extra dollop of style to your hair.
Hot Stampz maintain that they can be a simple and fun way of adding that cool and glamorous element to … Read the rest

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What are Wildflowerzz:

They are accessories that promise to add an extra dash of fun to your outfits on a regular basis.
Wildflowerzz assert that they can be the fun accessories you were looking for to team up with your … Read the rest

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Style Streams

What are Style Streams

They are colourful accents that can be blended into your hair to give it that cool and funky look.
Style Streams guarantee that you can get attention to your gorgeous hair and make a cool statement … Read the rest

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Swap Flops

What are Swap Flops

They are customizable sandals that claim to offer you several options to add to your style quotient.
Swap Flops promise to give you a helping hand when you want to coordinate your sandals with the outfit … Read the rest

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Wrap Star Review

Look like a star all wrapped in a variety of fashion statements and style! Wrap yourself in Wrap Star, the one-of-its-kind fashion clothing that lets you create a new look every way you wrap it in new ways! Wrap Star … Read the rest