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Instant Zipper Review

Why Instant Zipper – If you find yourself constantly zipping, ripping and tearing your stuff then Instant Zipper is the product for you. Your bag is broken and you have nothing to wear then you must try Instant Zipper. It … Read the rest

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Lint Wizard Pro Review

Are you tired of picking lint off your clothes and removing your pet’s hair from the furniture? Why does even removing a little lint from clothes and pet hair from furniture turn into a big and tedious job? It is … Read the rest

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Miracle Ironing Cover Review

Wrinkled clothes make you look sloppy and unprofessional. But ironing your clothes is such a chore and a waste of precious time you just do not have when you are in a hurry. Now, you can cut your ironing time … Read the rest

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Style Snaps Hem Solution Review

Your favorite pants are hemmed for heels but you wanna wear flats…how do you fix that….with Style Snaps from Hemming My Way the world’s first Snap & Hem Solution. Invented by a woman Style Snaps are the fast and easy … Read the rest

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Touch N Bond Adhesive Review

Touch N Bond as seen on tv non-toxic and safe-to-use adhesive glue. Save money on costly repairs.


Touch N Bond Adhesive
Touch N Bond works great on all kind of hems. Just a little touchnbond on your finger spreads … Read the rest

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Mighty Mendit Review

It happens you wear, tear and never have time to repair. Introducing Billy Mays MightyMendit the fast and easy way to Mend, Hem and Wear it again saving you money.


Mighty Mendit
Mighty Mendit is not a glue but … Read the rest

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Mister Steamy Review

You would not iron your clothes with a dryer and you would not dry your clothes with a iron. No you can do both at the same time with Mister Steamy the revolutionary new as seen on tv steam dryer … Read the rest