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FastFit Fuzz Remover Review

What is FastFit Fuzz Remover ?

If you are tired of trying to get rid of all that fluff and threads from your clothes and other fabrics then what you need is the all new, amazing and incredible fuzz, pills … Read the rest

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Repelify Review

What is Replify?

Are you tired of stains on your clothes that just won’t go? Have you tried everything to get rid of those stubborn stains but they just don’t seem to go? If yes, then all you need is … Read the rest

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ESPRO Sports Cleaner Review

What is ESPRO Sports Cleaner

It claims to be a revolutionary sports stain remover that works amazingly well on sportswear. It works in three simple steps – spray, rub and wash. It is effective in removing all types of stains … Read the rest

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BraBABY Bra Protector Review

It is often said that many women end up wearing bras that are ill fitting, which don’t do any justice to their curves. Of course there is some truth to that but there are also a few valid reasons that … Read the rest

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Bra Ball Review

How does Bra Ball work?

Protecting your bras from the onslaught of a washing machine has never been easier. When you bring Bra Ball home, you give yourself freedom from having to hand wash your bras every time with the … Read the rest

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Fuzz Secret Review

What is Fuzz Secret?

The Fuzz Secret is an amazing three in one tool for reviving any sweater or fabric. The Fuzz Secret helps in removing pills from your sweaters, dresses, woolens and even your upholstery and makes them look … Read the rest

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Magic Mist Review

What is Magic Mist

It is a four in one laundry solution that claims to release wrinkles from your clothes so that you can make a crisp impression.

Magic Mist maintains that now you won’t have to spend hours doing … Read the rest

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Seat Guard Fabric Protector Review

What is Seat Guard Fabric Protector

It is a fabric protector spray that claims to fight and protect stains and odours in your cars.

Seat Guard Fabric Protector maintains that now you can get into your car without worrying about … Read the rest

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Lint Genie

What is Lint Genie?

Lint Genie claims to be an effective, quick, and easy way to eliminate the problem of lint buildup from your laundry drain. Lint Genie asserts that by preventing lint, hair and fuzz from clogging your washing … Read the rest