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V Cloud Steamer

What is V Cloud Steamer?

V Cloud Steamer asserts to be a fantastic alternative to ironing and dry cleaning. It claims to remove wrinkles, clean and disinfect at the same time. V Cloud Steamer states to have a built-in high … Read the rest

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Conair Turbo Extreme Steam

What is Conair Turbo Extreme Steam?
The TV commercial states that it’s the most powerful handheld clothes steamer that eliminates creases quickly with its turbo-charged steam and super-high heat.



Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Claims

Powerful Fabric Steamer – … Read the rest

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Power Steam Pro

About Power Steam Pro

Power Steam Pro claims to be an iron that gives the power of commercial grade steam iron right in your palms. It proclaims to be the safest, easiest, and safest way to remove wrinkles and deodorize … Read the rest

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Vitessa Iron Review

What is Vitessa Iron?

Vitessa Iron claims to be an advanced version of steam iron that comes from the house of BLACK + DECKER – supposedly the leading brand in irons. Apparently the brand is known to speed up garment … Read the rest

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Dream Steam Review

What is Dream Steam?

Dream Steam as depicted in the infomercial is a compact steamer that claims to smooth away wrinkles from your clothes in a matter of few seconds. All one needs to do is fill it with tap … Read the rest

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Lotus Fabric Softener

What is Lotus Fabric Softener?

As seen in the infomercial, Lotus Fabric Softener claims to be the superhero of fabric softeners. Besides being a fabric softener, it also declares itself to be a stain repellent that guards again staining and … Read the rest