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Dream Books

What is Dream Books?

As per the infomercial Dream Books claims to be a series of interactive learning books for kids. It enhances the learning experience by way of interactive and immersive techniques which help the kids to acquire knowledge … Read the rest

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What is InnoTV?

InnoTV claims to be a TV-connected educational system primarily for pre-schoolers between the age of 3 and 8. Operated by a kid-friendly wireless controller, InnoTV declares to be the perfect first gaming system for the little ones. … Read the rest

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Brain Games Books

What is Brain Games

Do you have problems remembering names? Do you sometimes find yourself standing somewhere with no recollection of why you are there? Are you losing the ability to focus on a task; are you finding it difficult … Read the rest

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What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? Review

About What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper?

It is a new book packed with over 200 fascinating questions and answers on a variety of subject matters sure to pique anyone’s curiosity.

A treasure-trove of … Read the rest

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I Believe In Me Review

What is I Believe In Me

It is a program filled with videos and apps that claims to teach your preschoolers emotional intelligence so that they believe in themselves and make a difference to the world.

I Believe In Me … Read the rest

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EDUSS Personal Math Tutor

What is EDUSS Personal Math Tutor

It is a personalized math tutoring software that is designed to improve math weaknesses in kids from kindergarten to 8th grade in a very interactive and fun way.

Personalized … Read the rest

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Debt Cures 3 2013 Review

If you are buried under debts from bank loans, credit cards and other financial institutes than you should check out the new Debt Cures 3 2013. Debts are one of the major problems that every common man is facing in … Read the rest

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Thomas Kerns McKnight Review

Financial security and stability are the most important elements in any individual’s life. Putting in long hours of work and making sure all your finances are in place is what everyone does. But at times you might end up in … Read the rest