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Speedout vs Grabit


It is a screw and bolt remover that can do the job easily for you. You can now remove screws in 10 seconds or less and can thus ensure that you will never be slowed down. It also means … Read the rest

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Airfryer vs Breville Halo

Compare What is it? Halo+ Health Fryer vs Philips Actifry

What is Halo+ Health Fryer? – A low-fat fryer that needs just ½ spoon of oil to transform fried comfort food from unhealthy to healthy options.

What is Philips Actifry?Read the rest

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Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

Compare What is it? Trusty Cane vs HurryCane

What is Trusty Cane
Trusty Cane is an innovative cane that will give you better support, grip, and tract compared to traditional canes. The cane provides constant support and comfort you need … Read the rest

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Fuel Shark vs Fuel Doctor FD 47

Fuel Shark

It seems to be a saviour for car owners who are grappling with rising fuel prices in recent times. Fuel Shark helps them reduce fuel consumption in gas and diesel engines so that they can save huge amounts … Read the rest

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Samba Hair Remover vs No No

Compare How does it work? Samba Hair Remover vs No No

How does Samba Hair Remover work?

It uses thermogenic technology (micro heat wave) to remove hair following three steps that you are assured are painless, easy and quick. The … Read the rest

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Cerafit Cookware vs Flavorstone Cookware

Compare Features: Cerafit Cookware vs Flavorstone Cookware

Cerafit Cookware

Cerafit is a combination of non-stick technology using ceramic, stainless steel base and high-grade aluminum wrapped with a gold coating to provide a lifelong durable cookware. With its non-stick ability and … Read the rest