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Belvia LuXe Bra

What is Belvia LuXe Bra

It is a bra with a patented X Support System woven into the fabric to provide the best support and comfort minus the problems of pinching, bulging, rolling and digging.



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Zone Compression Top

What is Zone Compression Top

If you enjoy working out, running or just playing sports in general, then zone Compression Top is what you need. The Zone Compression Top is useful not only to athletes, but to anyone who wants … Read the rest

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Slim N Lift Aire Bra Embrace

What is Slim N Lift Aire Bra Embrace

Slim N Lift Aire Bra Embrace lifts your busts and slims your arms perfectly, transforming your figure from flabby to slim and slender in just seconds. This wonder bra can be worn … Read the rest

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Slim N Trim

Perfect Waistline with no Diets

Do you dream of that slim and slender waistline but cant stop that belly from getting bigger? Well here is what you need as Slim ‘N Trim is a slimming belt that claims to help … Read the rest

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Funky Animal Hats

What are Funky Animal Hats: These hats are meant to spice up your wardrobe while keeping you warm too.


Funky Animal Hats are meant to be a handsome and fun addition to your wardrobe. Are you looking for that … Read the rest

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Strap Secret

You know that how you present yourself in every walk of your life makes all the difference to the impression you make. That’s why you are quite careful about the clothes you buy and end up spending a lot of … Read the rest

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Belvia Shapewear Leggings

You want to look at your best every time you step out of the house, especially on special occasions in personal and professional walks of your life. That’s the reason you try to work hard on your problem zones like … Read the rest

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Contour Top

You may wish to fit into that favorite dress of yours but are conscious because of the bulging fat on the body. But if you need to hide those extra pounds and fit into a dress in an emergency the … Read the rest

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Sleek Secrets – No more panty lines

How many times have you wished wearing that figure hugging dress for a special night or just your lightweight white pants for a casual evening but stopped from wearing them due to visible panty lines? Of course ditching the panty … Read the rest

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Genie Custom Fit Bra

What is Genie Custom Fit Bra?

As per the infomercial it is a comfortable bra that provides utmost comfort with its custom fit. It has a convertible seamless design with customizable straps to wear it in 30+ different ways.

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