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Slim ‘N Lift Infused Shorts

What are Slim ‘N Lift Infused Shorts

They are shorts that promise to shape your body while conditioning your skin when they are worn as well.
Slim ‘N Lift Infused Shorts maintain that they can bring the benefits of shapewear … Read the rest

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Snappy Cami

What is Snappy Cami

It is a snap-to-bra on mock camisole that works perfectly well to cover those low cut tops whenever required without the need for dressing. It can also be used as a fashion accessory to match with … Read the rest

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Hot Wrapz

About Hot Wrapz

An innovative solution to conceal bra straps that includes a transparent strap and glittering beads. It is used by snapping the beads onto the transparent strap provided and attaching it on the bra strap to make it … Read the rest

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Jasmine Slim Legging

What is Jasmine Slim Legging

It is a legging that claims to help you look your best every time you step out of the house.
Jasmine Slim Legging promises to offer you respite from the troubled areas on your legs … Read the rest

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What is BRA-Ket:

It is a bra pocket for your mobile phones that claims to protect you from harmful radio frequencies.
BRA-Ket maintains that it can be of aid to all women who just can’t do without their phones and … Read the rest

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Genie Hose

What is Genie Hose?

It’s a new versatile panty hose that covers all flaws, has hidden seams and can be worn in three different ways.

A cut above the rest

Genie Hose promises what other … Read the rest

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Zip Laces

What are Zip Laces:

They are shoe laces with zips that claim to offer you safety, comfort and style.
Zip Laces are meant for people of all ages, who have had enough of having to tie and untie their shoe … Read the rest

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What is Slencera?

It is an incredible revolutionary one-piece shaper that promises to give you amazing and real slimming results in 2 phases. This one-piece shaper starts just below your bustline and continues down to your buns and thighs giving … Read the rest

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Bamboo Slimming Garment

What is Bamboo Slimming Garment?

It is a slenderizing underwear that slims, firms and lifts your body perfectly transforming your figure from flabby to slim and slender in just a second. It can be worn under any fabric: cotton or … Read the rest

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Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown

What is Breezy Dreams Super Soft Nightgown –

It is a cooling nightgown that keeps you dry and comfortable through the night by preventing overheating and sweating.

No more sweating and overheating at night

Breezy … Read the rest