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Bralief Review

About Bralief

Bralief claims to be a non-surgical and adjustable bra strap provides instant lift to the breasts and prevents bra straps from falling. Bralief also proclaims to make the shoulders look more upright thus improving the posture of the … Read the rest

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What is Shruggies

As per the TV infomercial it is an intuitively designed shrug that keep arms warm without ruining the look of a dress. It also possesses the property of concealing flabby arms and makes them look trim and … Read the rest

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Best Jeans Ever Review

What is Best Jeans Ever:

They are the pair of jeans that claims to be the best jeans you have ever worn because they are high on both, comfort and style.
Best Jeans Ever maintain that you will not face … Read the rest

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Fleecelings Review

What are Fleecelings:

They are fleece lined leggings that claim to be comfortable, soft and even stylish to wear.

Fleecelings maintain that now you can have the comfort of leggings while you up your style quotient as well. You know … Read the rest

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Slen Angel Review

What is Slen Angel?

The Slen Angel is a body shaper with six adjustable closures. The Slen Angel claims to be your one stop solution to get that enviable figure you’ve always craved as well as the perfect posture to … Read the rest

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Mesmorise bra

What is Mesmorise Bra?

It is a memory foam bra that claims to offer you comfort and sleek style for the perfect silhouette every time. Mesmorise Bra asserts that now you won’t have to worry about the discomfort caused by … Read the rest

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Trim ‘N’ Slim Jeans

What are Trim ‘N’ Slim Jeans?

Trim ‘N’ Slim Jeans are comfortable slimming jeggings that help you get the perfect contouring you’ve always wanted without the endless hours of working out. Trim ‘N’ Slim Jeans combine the comfort of leggings, … Read the rest

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Perfect Tuck Review

What is Perfect Tuck

It is an anti-slip, flexible belt that promises to keep your clothes in place at all times.

Perfect Tuck asserts that now you won’t have to worry about your clothes slipping or coming un-tucked and thus … Read the rest

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Belvia Shapewear Slip Review

What is Belvia Shapewear?

It is a shaping slip that fits women of any built and size. It can be worn in three different ways to get a firm and toned look for overall body shaping.

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