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Merlin Duo Vacuum

What is Merlin Duo Vacuum

It is a powerful vacuum that claims to go from lightweight upright to handheld with ease giving you effective cleaning options.
Merlin Duo Vacuum promises to be the super lightweight 2 in 1 cleaning option … Read the rest

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Dirt Devil Lift & Go

What is Dirt Devil Lift & Go

It is a vacuum cleaner that claims to help you vacuum, dust and pick up dirt while you are at it to ensure that your surroundings are spotless clean.
Dirt Devil Lift & … Read the rest

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efbe-Schott Handheld Steam Cleaner

What is efbe-Schott Handheld Steam Cleaner EES SC 350W:

It is a hand held steam cleaner that claims to give you precision cleaning results.
efbe-Schott Handheld Steam Cleaner EES SC 350W asserts that it can be of help to home … Read the rest

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efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior

What is efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior:

It is a steam mop that claims to be lightweight and yet powerful for your cleaning needs.
efbe-Schott Steam Mop Junior promises to offer respite to all home owners who like to keep their … Read the rest

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Clog Clear

What is Clog Clear:

It is a clog removal kit that claims to help you clean your drains in an environmentally friendly manner.
Clog Clear promises to come to the rescue of home owners who often struggle with clogged up … Read the rest

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Jennifer Adams Cleaner

What is Jennifer Adams Cleaner?

It is the new house cleanser that removes stains from all surfaces and is able to remove the most stubborn marks.

Eliminates ALL stains from all surfaces

Jennifer Adams Cleaner is poised to revolutionize the … Read the rest

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Mighty Gard

What is Mighty Gard

It is a spray that works as an invisible waterproof and stain-proof barrier on any surface by using the innovative hydrophobic nanotechnology to make liquid roll right off.

A spray to … Read the rest

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Towel Mints

What are Towel Mints:

They are tiny towels in the shape of mints, which claim to be the right solution for all your cleaning needs.
Towel Mints seem to be have been created for all those who are tired of … Read the rest

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What is Brushbie:

It is a tool that claims to take bacteria off your makeup brushes so that they are sanitized quite easily.
Brushbie seems to be an ideal tool for women, who love their makeup kits and understandably so. … Read the rest

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Hoover Air Cordless

What is Hoover Air Cordless

It is a full power vacuum cleaner that is battery operated hence it doesn’t need a power cord for its operation. This helps in eliminating the limitation to go only as far as the power … Read the rest