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Swipe It Stain Removing Mitt Review

What is Swipe It

It is a microfiber stain removing Mitt that promises to soak up spills right before your eyes and get rid of stains instantly as well.

Swipe It Stain Removing Mitt assures you that now those spills … Read the rest

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Crystal Sponge Review

What is Crystal Sponge

As per the TV ad, Crystal Sponge is a patented crystal powder that needs to be sprinkled on pet urine stains so that it absorbs the liquid mess to get rid of stains and malodor for … Read the rest

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Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review

How does Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop work?

You know what a task it can be to keep your home spotless clean like you’d want it to be. Your woes are added to by sticky situations that are often caused in … Read the rest

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Point and Clean Review

What is Point and Clean

It’s claimed to be the best, easy to use and most advanced home cleaning tool. It basically merges the spraying and scrubbing process into one revolutionary design to take out the hardships involved in cleaning. … Read the rest

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Rydis Robo VacMop Review

What is Rydis Robo VacMop:

It claims to be the first robotic cleaner that vacuums and mops for your convenience.
Rydis Robo VacMop maintains that now you will have your homes cleaned when you get back from work, so that … Read the rest

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Pocket Blower Review

What is Pocket Blower

It is the world’s smallest and most powerful blower that can make cleaning easy. It is so powerful that it is not only effective in blowing up leaves but can even clear up dirt, debris and … Read the rest

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What is WindowVac:

It is a dual stage cleaning system that claims to help you clean your windows quickly and efficiently.
WindowVac asserts that it is a cleaning system that can offer respite to all home owners who struggle with … Read the rest

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Robot Vacuum Deboot D62

What is Robot Vacuum Deboot D62

It is a vacuum cleaner that claims to be innovative and take your cleaning experience and efficiency to a whole new level altogether
Robot Vacuum Deboot D62 promises to offer you respite from the … Read the rest