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Scour Power Review

What is Scour Power

It is a scrubbing brush that has specifically been created to ensure that you can clean the drain and garbage disposal without any hassle, according to its claims.

Scour Power maintains that now you won’t have … Read the rest

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Pocket Hose Top Brass Review

What is Pocket Hose Top Brass?

It is a new and improved expandable garden hose that opens automatically and doesn’t tangle or collapse while watering. It is exceptionally sturdy, yet soft to touch and really easy to use.


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Scoopette Review

What is Scoopette?

It is a smart,handy device that allows you to clean up your pet’s poop hands-free without using conventional pooper scoopers. It’s a collapsible tool that can be fixed on a leash and pockets waste easily without facing … Read the rest

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Genesis Minimax Review

About Genesis Minimax

Genesis Minimax guarantees to be the best vacuum cleaner one can own for cleaning absolutely every corner of the home. Genesis Minimax asserts that it’s small and versatile yet powerful enough to work with a 1000W motor … Read the rest

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Flex-Able Bungee Hose Review

What is Flex-Able Bungee Hose?

Flex-Able Bungee Hose claims to be an expandable hose made of bungee cord fiber that is powerful and retractable. It emphasizes that it does not kink and gives you free flow of water. Flex-Able Bungee … Read the rest

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TV Wonder Product Info and Review

What is TV Wonder?

– TV Wonder states to be a cleaner that lets you clean TV screens effectively, quickly, easily and safely. It declares that you do not need any chemical solutions to clean the screen and it leaves … Read the rest

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Sweep Away Cleaner Review

What is Sweep Away Cleaner

It is a specially designed cleaning formula, which maintains that now you can get rid of stains effectively and without any difficulty.

Sweep Away Cleaner guarantees you perfect cleaning results every single time so that … Read the rest

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H2O HD Review

About H2O HD

H2O HD is a steam cleaning system that promises to take cleaning to a whole new level of efficiency and gives you a hygienic home a lot quicker and easier. H2O HD proclaims to be a lightweight … Read the rest

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Mold Be Gone Review

What is Mold Be Gone

Mold Be Gone is a silicone gel that promises to tackle the problem of mold and mildew effectively and easily. Mold Be Gone assures that you wouldn’t have to spend time and energy scrubbing the … Read the rest

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Wonder Weave by Ronco

What is Wonder Weave?

Wonder Weave by Ronco is a cleaning cloth from Ronco that assures to revolutionize the way people clean their homes. It claims to clean any mess in the house effectively, quickly and easily a lot better … Read the rest