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Magix Hose Review

Water hoses are the most important equipments that go along with a garden and are also used nationwide for gardening, cleaning exteriors, washing vehicles, and many other purposes. A hose is helpful but at the same time because of its … Read the rest

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Shock It Clean Extreme Review

Do you end up spending a lot of time in the house cleaning so that your home looks spic and span? You are also concerned about the hygiene conditions in your house for the comfort of your loved ones, which … Read the rest

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Pocket Hose Reviews and Complaints

About Pocket Hose

You understand the importance of keeping your outdoor spaces looking beautiful because they add value to your homes. However looking after your garden is easier said than done and it’s especially true when it comes to watering … Read the rest

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Prof Amos Shock It Clean Review

About Prof Amos Shock It Clean

Keeping your house spic and span often means spending long hours doing the cleaning jobs yourself. It also means you end up putting strain on your body, which you can easily do without. Moreover … Read the rest

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Stream Clean Reviews and Complaints

Pets will be pets, ever so adorable and innocent. Which is why you don’t really get angry when they create stains, but cleaning them becomes quite a task and expensive too. So bring home something that’s absolutely useful to get … Read the rest

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Grout Shield Review

You might have taken all the care in the world to maintain the state of the grout in your showers and bathrooms. However it tends to get discoloured, cracked and generally loses its original glory. Restoring it to its original … Read the rest

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Wipe New Reviews and Complaints

What is Wipe New

Wipe New is a car restorer spray that claims to restore the showroom shine of your car. It claims to be long lasting for years. The infomercial asserts that Wipe New restores dull foggy headlights, faded … Read the rest

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Go Duster Review

Do you spend hours dusting your home but are not satisfied with the results because there always are specs of dust left? Does your duster also fail to reach nooks and corners to get rid of the dust? Do you … Read the rest