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Instagone Pro Review

What is Instagone Pro?

It claims to be a revolutionary cleaning formula that can be used to remove stains, dirt, mold and mildew stains by simply spraying on it and doesn’t need any scrubbing whatsoever.

InstaGone Pro does not mention … Read the rest

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InVinceable – Does it really work?

What is InVinceable? – It is an all-in-one stain remover that cleans stains from all surfaces when sprayed with water through its spray bottle.

All-in-one cleaner that replaces all cleaning products

Toss away the hassle … Read the rest

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Wisp System

What is Wisp System?

A smart and efficient disposal tool that has electrostatic bristles that to contain dust, debris and even pet hair
Wisp System claims to be the ultimate cleaning tool for easiest, fastest and most efficient way to … Read the rest

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Shark Rocket Vacuum Review

What is Shark Rocket Vacuum – Shark Rocket Vacuum is the leanest, most powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that’s as good as any full-sized vacuum.


Shark Rocket Vacuum claims to be an ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaner that does not compromise … Read the rest

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Tsunami Hose Nozzle Review

Tsunami Hose Nozzle was recently voted the No 1 Garden accessory for 2012 and its functionality for your garden use can probably explain why. Do you end up struggling with your regular garden hose because the water pressure in it … Read the rest

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Bissell DeepClean Essential

Have you been spending a lot of time cleaning your carpet and just can’t get the kind of cleansing you expect? Traditional vacuum cleaners are only good to clean the upper surface of carpets but most dirt and grime settled … Read the rest

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Spray Around Nozzle System

Spraying is the best medium to distribute liquid solutions across any surface desired. Though it is predominant method for cleaning since ages there has been no solution till now to ensure that the sprayer does not lose its power and … Read the rest

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Bathroom Secret

Do you feel like you have to sneak around when you need bathroom relief? When you have to go, you have to go; no two ways about it. So why do you have to go to great lengths to try … Read the rest

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Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum

Vacuuming your house to keep it clean and tidy is not easy and it’s never really pretty. You have to make do with those staid vacuum cleaners that don’t really do the trick. But now Oreck Signature Collection Vacuum claims … Read the rest

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Magna Clean

Vacuum cleaners do their jobs quite decently but due to their bulky nature it is very difficult to lug and haul them around the house. This is where Magna Clean can believably help get rid of dust in no time. … Read the rest