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PIDA Skincare

What is PIDA Skincare: It is a non granular exfoliating gel that can have sensational benefits for your skin.


PIDA Skincare has been created with the idea of helping you look after your skin even when you are hard … Read the rest

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Touch Of Youth

What is Touch of Youth? – Touch of Youth is a new moisturizing cream that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and makes your complexion glow.

Say goodbye to ageing looks and worries

If you’ve tried practically … Read the rest

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Vein B Gone

What is Vein B Gone – It is a miraculous solution that reduces the appearance of spider veins by a whopping 41%.

Show those legs

Vein B Gone claims to be a revolutionary formula that … Read the rest

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Hot Tatz Tattoos

What is Hot Tatz? : are temporary finger tattoos available in a variety of designs that can also be removed by washing off with soap and water.

The exciting new way to make a statement… Read the rest

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Ervamatin Skin Clear

What is Ervamatin Skin Clear – A proven natural formula that gets rid of acne and blackheads on the face.

Clear skin no longer a dream

Ervamatin Skin Clear promises to be a one stop … Read the rest

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City Lips

What is City Lips?

City Lips is a non-surgical lip plumper that makes your lips look fuller within minutes of application.

Make your lips look plumper, fuller and better

If you are craving to make … Read the rest

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Hot Stuff

Irresistible cosmetics palette

Hot Stuff by Jerome Alexander is aimed to be regarded as the most amazing, daring and eye-catching make-up kit. Hot Stuff brings five different color palettes that offer great lip gloss shades, luxurious compacts and equally striking … Read the rest

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Exfoliare Face

You want to maintain the look of your face because it makes you feel good about yourself and instils you with confidence as well. However you just don’t have the time of the day to go get a facial or … Read the rest

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Brush On Tan

Who doesn’t like to have that gorgeous tan that not only makes your look better but feel good about yourself too? If you are getting ready for a holiday on the beach or like to spend time by the pool … Read the rest

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Brow Perfector

You understand the importance of having your look spot on when you go out because it makes the best impression on your behalf. And it’s true in both, personal and professional walks of your life. While you pay attention to … Read the rest