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Salon Express EZ View REVIEW

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About Salon Express EZ View

Nail Art is a gorgeous way to enhance your look and show off your personality, but salon nail treatments are expensive and DIY kits are messy. You need Salon Express EZ … Read the rest

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Emjoi Micro-Nail REVIEW

About Emjoi Micro-Nail

Emjoi Micro-Nail proclaims to be an efficient device that buffs and shines nails and toenails quickly and easily. The uniquely created Emjoi Micro-Nail asserts to have a roller that spins 360 degrees for 30 times in a … Read the rest

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Black Off Activated Charcoal Mask REVIEW

What is Black Off Activated Charcoal Mask

It claims to be a revolutionary face mask that helps in removing blackheads and micro hairs from the face with ease. Black Off Activated Charcoal Mask guarantees to remove blackheads and other impurities … Read the rest

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What is it?

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector is a dark spot treatment formula that reducesskin various imperfectionsand also tones your skin to look radiant, young and smooth. It fights various skin problems like signs of acne scars, sunspots, … Read the rest

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3 Second Brow REVIEW

What is 3 Second Brow?

Shaping your eyebrows with an eye pencil can be both difficult and time consuming. Here’s introducing the incredible innovation in makeup, the 3 Second Brow. The 3 Second Brow is a makeup tool that will … Read the rest

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Peel Perfect Lip Stain REVIEW

What is Peel Perfect? – Do you hate it when your lip color latches on to the glass you drink from? Now there is a simple and easy way to get your favorite lip color stay locked in your lips … Read the rest

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Wonder Sonic |

What is the Wonder Sonic?

The Wonder Sonic is an ultrasonic cleaning and toning unit. The Wonder Sonic claims to be 100% chemical and ingredient free way to deep clean your face. The Wonder Sonic makes use of powerful sonic … Read the rest

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GlamaLook Review

About GlamaLook

GlamaLook claim to be invisible instant eyelifts that prevent your eyes from drooping and make you look younger. It emphasizes to be more effective than eye creams, convenient than applying eye shadow and inexpensive than surgeries. GlamaLook maintains … Read the rest