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Organic Cotton Zanzibar Bedding

What is Organic Cotton Zanzibar Bedding?

It is an organic bedding with a medallion-print that features vibrant and energetic colors. The bedding promises to evoke the exotic bazaars on the coast of East Africa . Organic Cotton Zanzibar Bedding comes … Read the rest

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BioSmart Mattress

What is Biosmart

The BIOS Mattress, using patented segmented support, promises to provides ultra-low pressure, improved anatomical support and better spinal alignment which in turn will result in less tossing and turning, less fatigue, less time before falling asleep and … Read the rest

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Lather Cloth

Lather Cloth claims to be the most luxurious bath accessory you can have in the shower. You know a refreshing shower can be rejuvenating and offer you respite from duress and stress your body is put through. Lather Cloth is … Read the rest

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Step and Go

What is Step and Go – Step & Go is an innovative support that changes the regular sitting position in the toilet to a squatting position for total bowel elimination.

Healthy positioning

Modern toilets have … Read the rest

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Waterfall Wonder

If you have tried to make your kids have a bath, you know what a tricky proposition that is. They just don’t like getting into the bath and will do everything possible to steer clear of it. That’s why Waterfall … Read the rest

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EZ Bed

It is fun to have family relatives and friends coming over to stay at your place. But the only problem you may face is making them comfortable especially for sleeping. Arrangements can be typically done by keeping extra beds at … Read the rest

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Dry n’ Comfy Pillow Case

You want to make sure you give your hair the best possible care. That’s why you prefer to go to bed at night after having applied oil or conditioning creams for that matter. The only problem with going to sleep … Read the rest

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Towel Buddy

Isn’t it annoying when you want to dry your hair you are struggling with trying to hold your towel and manage the dryer in your other hand? You face the same problem when you are doing your make-up and these … Read the rest

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Dormeo Mattress Topper

Those looking to get complete comfort while they sleep at nights have been offered respite in the form of Dormeo Memory Mattress. Or at least that’s what it claims because it’s made from 100% Ecocell, which can conform to your … Read the rest