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Drip Knots

What is Drip Knots

Drip Knots are absorbent wristbands and headbands that absorb the water running down the arms while washing the face to save the sleeves, counter and the floor from getting wet.

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Slip Zip

What is Slip Zip

It is an amazing pillow case that zips around the pillow to provide with a perfect fit without the need of tugging and pulling it for hours.

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Wonder Whale

What is Wonder Whale

It is a faucet cover in the shape of a cute blue colored whale that helps in making bathing and rinsing a fun-filled experience.


Fun faucet cover:

Wonder Whale states is a faucet cover that … Read the rest

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Cozy Cup

What is Cozy Cup:

It is an electric blanket that can be with you wherever you are and claims to keep your store bought beverages hot.
Cozy Cup promises to be a smart solution for those who like to buy … Read the rest

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EZ Cuddle

What is EZ Cuddle:

It is a contour pillow that claims to offer you easy access for perfect cuddling.
EZ Cuddle promises to be ideal for couples and kids who like to have a cuddle at nights when they are … Read the rest

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My Pillow Topper Review

What is My Pillow Topper

It is a mattress topper that claims to let you sleep comfortably at nights and feel rejuvenated the next day.

My Pillow Topper promises you a good night’s sleep and complete comfort, which is just … Read the rest

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Grand Rayure 2-Piece Bath Rug Set

What is Grand Rayure 2-Piece Bath Rug Set

It is a two piece set of super soft and luxurious bath rugs that can turn your bathroom into a spa and also comfort your tired feet after a hard day.

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Sleep Squares

What are Sleep Squares:

They are chocolaty treats that claim to help you sleep well at nights.
Sleep Squares are meant for those who have trouble sleeping at nights, according to their claims. Many of us have sleep related issues … Read the rest

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Magic Mirror

What is Magic Mirror:

It is the addition to your regular mirror that will let you see clearly in the steamiest conditions.
Magic Mirror seems to be a clever addition to bathroom mirrors that you tend to rely on when … Read the rest

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Sleep Number x12 Bed

What is Sleep Number x12 Bed:

It is a bed that claims to offer you optimum comfort with the help of intelligent sleep tracking.
Sleep Number x12 Bed is meant for anyone who would like to have that relaxing and … Read the rest