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PooFume Review

What is PooFume

PooFume is a spray for the toilet that claims to prevent the repulsive smell in the loo from escaping. PooFume needs to be sprayed before using the toilet and it proclaims to eliminate all nasty toilet odors … Read the rest

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Smart Silk Pillow Review

What is Smart Silk Pillow

It is claimed to be a pillow that is made using natural silk fill liner encased in a natural white cotton shell making it ultra comfortable to sleep on. It is perfect for every type … Read the rest

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Cloudland Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper

What is Cloudland Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper

– As per the TV ad it is stated to be a gel infused memory foam topper that provides the most comfortable sleep. Its key features are its ability to relieve painful … Read the rest

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Just Right Pillow

What is Just Right Pillow

It is a pillow that claims to transform and offer you comfort in every position.
Just Right Pillow assures you that now you can get all the support and comfort you need in just about … Read the rest

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SnapUp Shelf REVIEW

What is Snap Up Shelf

It is a shower corner shelf that claims to help you create space in your bathrooms and any other room for different necessities.

Snap Up Shelf caddy assures you that it can be just the … Read the rest

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Zippy Sack Blanket

What is Zippy Sack Blanket:

It is a non slip blanket, which maintains that it always stays neat, fitted and glows too.
Zippy Sack Blanket claims to ensure that your kids have their blanket on all night so that they … Read the rest

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Slip N Zip

What is Slip N Zip:

It is a pillow case that promises to entirely zip your pillow in and out so that you don’t have to go through the struggle.
Slip N Zip claims to offer respite to those who … Read the rest

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Rubber Duckie & Friends

What is Rubber Duckie & Friends

It is a playful and gentle bath and shower wand for kids that claims to make sure they enjoy their bath times.
Rubber Duckie & Friends emphasizes that now your kids will enjoy their … Read the rest

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Thermo Glow

What is Thermo Glow

It claims to use LED technology to bring some light and colour to your showers.
Thermo Glow promises to bring colour to your bathrooms and your lives as well through a simple addition. You like your … Read the rest