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Bidet Buddy Review

What is Bidet Buddy:

It is a water powered sprayer that promises to transform your toilet into a luxury bidet in a matter of minutes.

Bidet Buddy asserts that now you can feel shower fresh all through the day without … Read the rest

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Pleasure Pedic Pillow

What is Pleasure Pedic Pillow?

As per the TV infomercial it is an amazing pillow that is highly comfortable to sleep on and helps in supplementing a good-night’s sleep. It stays cool throughout the night and supports the neck and … Read the rest

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Sona Pillow Review

Are you having disrupted sleep because of your partner’s snoring? Irregular sleep patterns caused by snoring can cause over-tiredness, exhaustion, weakness, irritability, depression, marital problems, and weight gain.

How does Sona Pillow work?

Now there … Read the rest

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Snooze Ball

What is Snooze Ball

It is an inflating pillow that claims to ensure that you can get that much needed rest when you are travelling. Snooze Ball maintains that now you won’t have to twist and turn while you are … Read the rest

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DORMEO Elevate Review

What is DORMEO Elevate

As per the TV commercial it is a brand new mattress concept that consists of patented DORMEO technology called Octasprings that provides the bounciness a spring mattress will provide and the comfort and support that a … Read the rest

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Bed Boost

What is Bed Boost?

Bed Boost proclaims to be a sleep system that revives worn out and sagging mattress instantly and lets you wake up refreshed and without aches and pains. Bed Boost alleges to give you individualized comfort whether … Read the rest

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Pillow Huggers Review

About Pillow Huggers

Pillow Huggers are plush toys and pillow cases for kids that claim to be the most adorable ones ever. It maintains to be a plush toy with a smiling face that can be played around with and … Read the rest

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Shower Wow Review

About Shower Wow

Shower Wow states to be a shower head equipped with LED lights to give you a relaxing and colorful experience while showering. Shower Wow assures to be easy to install and encourage your kids to get into … Read the rest

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Wave Hooks Review

What is Wave Hooks?

It is a sleek wine glass holder you can attach by your bath tub to keep your wine glass, champagne glass or a martini glass safe and handy. It accommodates any size glass stemware of different … Read the rest

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Bamboo Magic Pillow Review

About Bamboo Magic Pillow

Bamboo Magic Pillow claims to be a revolutionary pillow that is designed with perfection to provide adequate support and sound sleep and promises to provide comfort and coolness for the head unlike other pillows. Bamboo Magic … Read the rest