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Purple Pillow vs My Pillow vs Ghost Pillow

Compare what is it? Purple Pillow vs My Pillow vs Ghost Pillow

All three pillows are designed to provide gentle support while sleeping and maximum comfort to ensure maximum relaxation throughout the night. Purple Pillow uses a firm edge, soft … Read the rest

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About Sleep H2O Pillow

Sleep H2O is a revolutionary water-based pillow that claims to put an end to stiff necks and sore backs and helps support your neck right with a custom fit for any sleeping position so you start … Read the rest

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Tri Power Shower Review and Verdict

About Tri Power Shower

Tri Power Shower offers the ultimate shower experience by allowing you to choose your own shower experience from different settings and with added power.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with water pressure, you finally have a … Read the rest

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Bed Blockade

What is Bed Blockade

It claims to be a powerful device that eliminates bed bugs and repels them when they try to enter the bed. This device is stated to be completely safe for use for a family with children.… Read the rest

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Cozy Lotion

What is Cozy Lotion?

Trying to get the last part of your lotion out of the bottle is an almost impossible task and using freezing cold lotion on your skin in not a pleasant feeling. Here’s introducing Cozy Lotion, a … Read the rest

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Sleep Clean

What is Sleep Clean?

Sleep Clean is a soft, flexible and comfortable pillowcase crafted with natural anti-bacterial silver fibers to permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Sleep Clean CLAIMS

Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteriaRead the rest

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Flush-Tastic REVIEW

What is Flush-Tastic?

Keeping your toilet bowl clean if your toilet tank is a mess is not easy but with the amazing Flush-Tastic, a double duty toilet cleaner cleaning your tank & your bowl is one flush easy. Flush-Tastic is … Read the rest

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Comfy Sleeper Review

What is Comfy Sleeper

As per the infomercial it is a revolutionary pillow with adjustable layer to perfectly fit everyone’s need. It provides custom fit for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers in one design.



Get a

Read the rest

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Dormeo D2 | Ultra | Supra

What is Dormeo D2?

If you are looking for a mattress that provides better quality sleep and delivers comfort at the same time then what you need is the most amazing and incredible mattress, the Dormeo D2 Mattress. Introducing the … Read the rest