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Mantis Windscreen Cleaner

What is Mantis Windscreen Cleaner:

It is a cleaner that claims to help you clean and shine every inch of your windscreen.
Mantis Windscreen Cleaner has an extending handle, which promises to help you cover most of the area of … Read the rest

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One Stop Shine Auto

What is One Stop Shine Auto

It is a cleaning solution for your cars that claims to have a three in one formula for cleaning, polishing and protecting too.
One Stop Shine Auto promises to be a one stop cleaning … Read the rest

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Catch Caddy Review and Product Info

What is Catch Caddy:

It is a car seat caddy that catches things before they drop and claims to help you make space as well. Catch Caddy is a pouch that can be inserted in the gap between car seats … Read the rest

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Easy View XT

What is Easy View XT

A car accessory, which is a flip-down glare blocker that prevents blinding sun and dangerous glare while you drive.

Block blinding sun and glare while driving with just a flip… Read the rest

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Water Glide

What is Water Glide?

It’s a new towel drying free car wash that cleans your car in less than ten minutes.

Spotlessly clean car guaranteed

Introducing Water Glide, the new car wash that promises to … Read the rest

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What is Grab-It:

It is a hands free universal device mount that claims to hold on to all your gadgets tight while you drive.
Grab-It is meant to be quite handy for anyone who has to be on the road … Read the rest

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What is Fogdini:

It is a windshield defogger that claims to prevent fog and keep your windshields clear.Fogdini seems to have been created with the needs of drivers in mind who struggle with mist and fog on the road. You … Read the rest

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Seat Tweener

What is Seat Tweener

It is a car accessory, that is, a durable and flexible wedge to plug the gap between the front seat of the car and the center console to prevent objects from falling into the gap


Read the rest