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ClearLane Mirror Review

What is ClearLane Mirror

It is claimed to be a clip-on mirror that can go over any regular side view mirror to provide a better view of side and rear. Its fully adjustable convex and wide-angle optics cover the blind … Read the rest

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My Power Handle

What is My Power Handle?

My Power Handle is a car accessory that promises to let you get in and out of any vehicle without straining or stressing or the fear of falling down. My Power Handle assures to be … Read the rest

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Cell Buckle Review

What is Cell Buckle

It is an innovative buckle that claims to hold your handheld gadgets securely to keep them protected and safe.

Cell Buckle asserts that it is the perfect companion for you when … Read the rest

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Vizclear HD Car Visor Review

What is Vizclear HD Car Visor

It is a two in one visor for day and night time that promises to enhance colour, clarity and contrast while you are driving.

Vizclear HD Car Visor assures you that now you won’t … Read the rest

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Drop Stop Review

What is Drop Stop

The manufacturers claim that this unique car wedge is the most effective solution for distraction free driving. It basically prevents any item falling down from the gap that exists on the side of the seat and … Read the rest

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View Right Review

What is View Right

It is a prism like traffic light locator that claims to offer you safety and convenience when you are on the road.

View Right promises to be of huge help to drivers who often have to … Read the rest

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Handy Handle

What is Handy Handle

It is an adjustable handle that can be easily attached to your car and claims to offer you adequate support while getting in and out of your drive.
Handy Handle maintains that it has been designed … Read the rest

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Tropical Ease

What is Tropical Ease:

It is an auto shampoo that claims to help you clean your entire car in a matter of minutes.
Tropical Ease assures you that you can keep your drives clean, just as you want them to … Read the rest

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Stick Shade

What is Stick Shade

It is a sun shield technology that claims to install in a matter of seconds and offer you protection from heat when you are driving.
Stick Shade maintains that it is a simple and effective solution … Read the rest

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GoPro PowerBlaster

What is GoPro PowerBlaster

It is an innovative way to clean the car sparkling clean like a car wash but at home using regular garden hose.

Cleans like Carwash:

GoPro PowerBlaster guarantees that it will … Read the rest