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Blue Hawk Dash Cam Review

What is Blue Hawk Dash Cam?

Blue Hawk Dash Cam as shown in the infomercial claims to be a high definition dash cam which can be used in vehicles to avert serious accidents. As the name suggests, it records all … Read the rest

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Car Bar Review

What is Car Bar:

It is a simple addition to your car doors, which promises to make it easier to get in and out of your drives.

Car Bar stresses that with this simple addition to your vehicle doors you … Read the rest

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Ray Away Tint Visor Review

What is Ray Away Tint Visor:

It is a visor for your cars to protect you from the blinding rays and UV light while you drive safely without the interference of the glare, according to its claims.
Ray Away Tint … Read the rest

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Paint Regen Scratch Remover Review

About Paint Regen Scratch Remover

Paint Regen Scratch Remover states to be a solution that can eliminate scratches from cars, motorbikes, caravans and even boats completely. Paint Regen Scratch Remover assures to be easy to apply and fills and seals … Read the rest

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Pocket Jump Review

What is Pocket Jump

It is a portable jump starter that claims to offer you a simple way to charge your car battery.

Pocket Jump promises to offer you respite from being stranded because of dead car batteries. How often … Read the rest

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Lula Bloc Review

What is Lula Bloc

It is a car safety accessory that claims to keep the buckles up and within reach at all times.

Lula Bloc assures you complete safety while driving because everyone, including those in the backseat will be … Read the rest

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Car Cane Review

What is Car Cane

As per the infomercial it is a portable handle that locks into a door latch of any car easily to provide support while getting in and out of the car with ease. It is perfect for … Read the rest

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Clever Dash Review

What is Clever Dash

As per the TV infomercial it is a sleek stand that helps in securing GPS units or cellphones while driving the car. It helps in keeping the device at an eye level so that driving is … Read the rest

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Dash Buddy Review

What is Dash Buddy

– As per the infomercial it is a sponge used for easy cleaning of dashboards, leather and wooden finishes of car interiors. The secret lies in the infused solution that is reusable for easy and quick … Read the rest