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Car Monkey REVIEW | Busted

About Car Monkey

It promises to be a high-tech data interface that communicates with your vehicle, retrieves diagnostic information, and gives you a simple, easy-to-understand analysis regarding any trouble you’re experiencing with your vehicle.

Car … Read the rest

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Pump Perfect As Seen On TV REVIEWED

Official website:

About Pump Perfect

Pump Perfect claims to be a lightweight and portable battery powered liquid transfer pump that promises to make the transfer of gas, water and more fast and easy! Pump Perfect alleges to be easy … Read the rest

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Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor REVIEW

What is Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor?

Air Bolt Compact Air Compressor asserts to be a multi-utility, portable, high-powered, pistol-grip air compressor delivering professional air inflation for car, bike, utility vehicles, garden machines and sports equipment. Smartly designed with construction … Read the rest

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Armor All Wipes REVIEWS

What is Armor All Wipes?

Armor All Wipes asserts to consist of wash wipes, wax wipes and tire shine sponges that guarantees to clean, shine and protect the car. It claims to be a breakthrough lift and clean technology and … Read the rest

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Clearview Cam Review

About Clearview Cam

Clearview Cam is a personal security camera for your car that will prevent unwanted arguments, indisputable evidence and help protect your premium and prove you’re not at fault. With the Clearview Cam you will never have an … Read the rest

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COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler

What is COOLTECH? – The heat from metal buckles, vinyl, plastic and cloth car seat surfaces can cause serious burns and discomfort and even put kids at risk of heat exhaustion. Introducing COOLTECH, a car seat cooler designed to cool … Read the rest

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Coolbox Toolbox Review

What is Coolbox Toolbox –

It claims to be a new age toolbox that revisits the old classic toolbox and adds cool new features to it. It makes the traditional toolbox a life saver with host of features such as … Read the rest

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Clear Dash HD Review

What is Clear Dash HD:

It is a car dashboard camera that mounts instantly and helps you record the entire drive, according to its claims.

Clear Dash HD asserts that now you have replay for your every ride from start … Read the rest