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Skinsafe Scissors

What is Skinsafe Scissors?

Scissors need to be sharp in order to cut anything but if your children use these sharp scissors it can prove to be very dangerous. Regular scissors can’t be used by everyone, especially children because they … Read the rest

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Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X

What is it?

Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X is a 10-Needle Home and Small Business Embroidery Machine.


What does it do?

With the power of 10 needles you can create gorgeous, multi-color designs faster than ever before. You can complete … Read the rest

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Bling It On Review

What is Bling It On:

It is a crystal and rhinestone applicator that allows you to add bling to items of your choice with ease, according to its claims.

Bling It On stresses that now it’s possible for you to … Read the rest

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Imagipen REVIEW

What is Imagipen?

As per the TV infomercial it is a 3D pen that helps in creating breathtaking artworks using gel that converts into solid plastic in merely seconds. Imagipen claims to be a unique artwork designing pen that kids … Read the rest

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Airbrush Magic REVIEW

What is Airbrush Magic

It claims to be a set of amazing airbrushes that can be used to create artworks that can even change colors like magic. As per the TV infomercial it is an easy way for kids to … Read the rest

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Colorama Expressions Review

About Colorama Expressions

Colorama Expressions claims to be the most relaxing way to get a break from the chaos of the daily life by letting you indulge in coloring as a stress buster. Colorama Expressions asserts that you can use … Read the rest

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Brother Persona PRS100 Review

What is Brother Persona PRS100?

If you are looking for an easy to use, single needle embroidery machine that could do many things a multi-needle could do plus so much more then what you need is the Brother Persona PRS100, … Read the rest

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Silhouette Mint Review

What is Silhouette Mint

As per the infomercial it is an innovative and powerful way of creating customized stamp right at home. This amazing stamping system has a “thermal printing” ability which creates 3D reliefs of the stamp designs for … Read the rest

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Silhouette Curio Review

What is Silhouette Curio

It claims to be a DIY machine that is designed to single-handedly perform many jobs. It is very different from regular die cut machines as it has provision to perform five attractive options like a Swiss … Read the rest