YBF Eyebrow Pencil

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If you want to make the best impression with your appearance every single time, you have to be very particular with your look from head to toe. But how often do you end up ignoring your eyebrows when you pay all the attention to your hair and makeup? It’s also partly because you just don’t seem to find the right and effective eyebrow pencils that make your task easier and help you do your eyebrows with precision. But thankfully now you can rely on YBF Eyebrow Pencil to get you the best results every single time.

How does YBF Eyebrow Pencil Work

This pencil is brought to you by the renowned Stacey Schieffelin, which already says a lot about it. But the biggest highlight of this pencil is that it’s one of a kind and unique colour matching eyebrow pencil. In fact it has a universal appeal and it gives you the gorgeous brow every time you use it. And it’s so versatile that it works for every hair colour and skin tone. Now you don’t have to worry about getting a new pencil for your eyebrows every time you change your hair colour because this one will do the trick for you.

The reason this eyebrow pencil stands out and makes its mark is because it’s innovatively designed and is automatic for your convenience. And it changes colour depending on the amount of pressure you use when applying it. It’s that simple; now you can get the desired colour or shade from the pencil by easy adjustment of pressure during application. Customizing and personalising the look of your eyebrows to go with your gorgeous mane has never been easier. You can save yourself huge costs on buying new pencils in different shades over and over again.

This stunning and innovative pencil is very easy to use too and keeps complete control in your hands at all times. You can tweak the pressure you apply and make sure you get the colour you are looking for. Those professional quality results that you have to pay a fortune for are now available to you from the comforts of your home.



What do I get?

  • 2 ybf automatic eye brow pencils in universal
    taupe in an innovative automatic sharpening, no-mess component!
  • ybf light-up tweezers with 3 additional/replacement LR41 batteries
  • ybf beauty booklet with tips, tricks & trade secrets
  • ybf how-to DVD for beYOUtiful brows that WOW!

All this for $19.95 plus $8.95 P. & H. Official website BestBrows.com



YBF Eyebrow Pencil Video

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