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What is the Wonder Sonic?

The Wonder Sonic is an ultrasonic cleaning and toning unit. The Wonder Sonic claims to be 100% chemical and ingredient free way to deep clean your face. The Wonder Sonic makes use of powerful sonic pulses combined with water that penetrate deep into your pores and breaks up dirt, oil, black heads, dead skin cells and more! At the same time, it instantly atomizes the water and creates a powerful outward flow pulling all of the broken down debris out of your pores and away from your face. Say good bye to long and sometimes painful clean ups at the beauty saloon or sonic treatments at the spa or dermatologist. The affordable and convenient Wonder Sonic now helps you get rid of the gunk on your face and get better looking, clearer skin in a matter of a few minutes.


How does the Wonder Sonic work?

No strange ingredients, no harsh chemicals – The Wonder Sonic promises to keep your skin free from all the harmful chemicals or strange ingredients that are found in almost all skin products these days. The Wonder Sonic uses just water and its inbuilt powerful sonic pulses to paddle gently over your skin. The Wonder Sonic claims to be completely gentle and perfectly safe on your skin. Claiming to have conducted independent scientific studies, the Wonder Sonic promises best results on its usage.


Extremely easy to use – The Wonder Sonic claims to be very user friendly product. There are two easy steps to use the Wonder Sonic. These steps involve spraying water on your face and letting the Wonder Sonic paddle glide gently over your face. The Wonder Sonic paddle works in such a way that it gently pulls out the debris from your pores thereby giving you clearer, brighter and a more even complexion.


Feel the difference on your skin – The Wonder Sonic also boasts of built-in toning feature that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Being chemical free, the Wonder Sonic promises not to have any harmful effect on your skin. The Wonder Sonic is not only compact but also powerful enough to deeply cleanse you skin while being gentle and perfectly safe. The Wonder Sonic claims to be a lot more effective than the cleanser or toner or face wash that you use. In fact, the Wonder Sonic claims that it can remove the gunk off your face even after using any of your other products. With no reviews yet, the Wonder Sonic has made number of tall claims which make it sound too good to be true.

Go ahead and place an order for your very own Wonder Sonic now. Don’t forget to send us your reviews once you have tries and tested the Wonder Sonic.

What do I get?

  • 1 Wonder Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaning & Toning wireless unit
  • 1 Built-in long lasting rechargeable battery
  • 1 Soft protective cap for sonic paddle
  • 1 USB Power Cord
  • 1 Water Spray Bottle
  • 1 User Guide

Price: $39.90 USD | Official website: TryWonderSonic.ca

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