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Touching up your lips with a lip gloss is a great way to perk up your looks, but what do you do if you need to do that instantly and there’s no time and no light for that? Simple, get yourself Vivid Glo, the amazing new lip gloss idea that comes with a built-in LED light that lets you apply amazing shades of lip gloss it comes with anytime anywhere without messing your lips!

How does VIVID GLO Lip Gloss Work

The revolutionary Vivid Glo lip gloss is a fantastic way to look presentable and ready any moment. Vivid Glo presents six shades, all of them really beautiful and enchanting. It is made using quality formula that moisturizes and protects your lips and keeps them soft and supple. It also makes your lips look rich and desirable, thus making you feel good and confident about yourself.

Vivid Glo features a unique built-in LED light that can be switched on when you need to touch up urgently and there’s no time to dash to your room or anywhere to get ready. Vivid Glo even has a built-in mirror which makes it all the more useful in any situation! You can now wear your lip gloss perfectly and be confident of looking perfect no matter how dark it is or where you are.

You can count on the wonderful Vivid Glo for its fantastic functions. It is the revolutionary applicator of the lip gloss that features built-in LED light that ensures perfect application every time. Choose from the six fetching Vivid Glo shades viz. Vivid Peach, Golden Glo, Just Glo, Flirty Glo, Vivid Vino or Vivid Red. Vivid Glo makes getting ready fun, simple and discreet for any occasion, dinner, a night out or any meeting.

This is the lip gloss that actually goes on anytime anywhere! Once you use Vivid Glo you won’t go back to the others you have used so far! Purchase any one or better still, all of them and acquire the fun, flirty or gorgeous look. The Vivid Glo lighted lip gloss really creates magic like few things on any occasion and equips you with the confidence of being prepared always!



What do I get?
3 Vivid Glo for just $39.90 plus $6.95. Official website



VIVID GLO Lip Gloss Video

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