Swivel Brite Review

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What is Swivel Brite?

Does your counter top block you from putting on your makeup up close? Do you wish your bathroom had better lighting? Now there is an incredible magnification mirror that lets you see from any angle, 360 degrees, clearly and up close.
Here’s introducing Swivel Brite , an LED 5x magnification mirror with unique pivot motion so you can see from any angle and up close. With 6 built-in LEDs to illuminate your face, Swivel Brite is the only magnification mirror you will ever need. You are guaranteed to love the Swivel Brite magnification mirror.


Easy to use

Swivel Brite is very easy to use. It’s as easy as 1-2 and 3. Simply attach the magnetic suction cup base to any smooth surface, secure the mirror to the specially curved magnet, illuminate and adjust the viewing angle. It’s that easy! you can now view every detail 5x larger.

How it works

The secret of Swivel Brite is the convex, pivot-flex base that holds it and adjusts 360° for perfect angles.

Swivel Brite is designed with 6 built-in LEDs allowing you to see your face clearly and close-up. These lights illuminate your face, giving you 5x magnification just like a magnifying glass.


Makes smallest details larger

With Swivel Brite you get to see everything 5x larger. The LED 5x magnification mirror with unique pivot motion makes it easy to see from any angle, 360 degrees, clearly and up close.


Uses of Swivel Brite

With Swivel Brite you can now say goodbye to eye glasses that you use to see close up.Swivel Brite makes plucking eyebrows a breeze. Use Swivel Brite to put on your contact lenses, using tiny jewelry clasps, applying makeup and so much more. Swivel Brite is so great to use, you will simply love it!

Optical quality

Swivel Brite has a distortion free optical quality mirror so you can clearly see ever minute detail 5x larger. Swivel Brite swivels 360 degrees giving you a comfortable view from any angle. You get a distortion free view every time.


Unlike ordinary light-up mirrors that take up counter space Swivel Brite is cordless, keeps counters clutter-free, sticks without screws, holds firmly to mirrors, yet can be detached easily.

Carry anywhere you go

Swivel Brite is easy to carry. It is great to use on the go. Simply put it in your purse and take it to the office, use it in your car, use it while shaving and so much more.


Easy to store

Swivel Brite is easy to store too. It stores away easily in your drawer for use anytime.

Cost effective

Unlike other light up magnification mirrors that can cost $140 and more and require installation Swivel Brite is cost effective and easy to install too.

Order the Swivel Brite magnification mirror today and never struggle with ordinary light up mirrors ever again!

What Do I Get?

  • You buy 2 Swivel Brite magnification mirror for $14.95 + $13.90 P&H.
  • Official website: swivelbrite.com
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