Suzanne Organics

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What is Suzanne Organics:

It is a range of products that claims to help you boost your skin, hair health and appearance
Suzanne Organics, comes from the house of Suzaane Sommers, a well-known TV personality, actress, singer, comedian, author and entrepreneur, who has made her place in people’s hearts. She has developed a range of beauty and health products that are easy, clean, pure and fun. Suzanne Organics is a part of the range of the products from the brand and claims to have sensational benefits for you. They are the latest additions to the haircare and skincare lines by Ms. Sommers.


Suzanne Organics Rescue Hair Mask

If you are looking to rescue your dry, brittle hair from the onslaught of styling and over processing then this hair mask from Suzanne Organics claims to be the right option for you. It’s said to be a deep conditioning treatment from amino acids that can repair spilt ends, increase hair volume and reduce frizz too. Suzanne Organics Rescue Hair Mask is gluten free and can give your hair healthy, smooth and shiny appearance in just one application. Moreover it claims to enhance hair elasticity, which can protect them from strong salon treatments.

Suzanne Organics Volumizing Hair Elixir

Suzanne Organics Volumizing Hair Elixir is meant to work because it has proteins from quinoa and vegetable based amino acids. As a result your hair gets thicker right from the scalp. It also ensures that your hair density is improved and your roots are strengthened as well. It can have a long term impact on your hair. Suzanne Organics Volumizing Hair Elixir also brings Hydrolyzed Quinoa into the equation, providing nourishment to your hair. Importantly, it claims to protect hair from harsh chemical treatments and is gluten free, making it safe for use.


Suzanne Organics Activated Charcoal Mask

Suzanne Organics charcoal treatment has been designed with the purpose of purifying skin and deep cleaning pores. It works because activated charcoal is known for its absorption powers that draw other elements onto itself. As a result all the dirt clogging your skin pores will be drawn out. Suzanne Organics charcoal treatment also makes the most out of the special transient emulsification mechanism, which does not affect the lipid layer of your skin. Hence there won’t be any irritation while using it. It’s also said to contain various ingredients that further enhance results, making it ideal for both men and women to use.

Suzanne Organics Volcanic Charcoal Scrub

This scrub from Suzanne Organics includes botanically active ingredients from charcoal that not only purifies your skin from harsh elements but aging factors of pollutants as well. Activated charcoal is responsible for drawing out dirt from skin pore while other ingredients cleanse debris away from the environment. The scrub from the Suzanne Organics range is also said to retain moisture and skin vibrancy. It can also be used to remove makeup and the unisex scent of lemon zest it has, makes it ideal for both men and women.


    What Do I Get ?

  • You will get SUZANNE Organics 4 Piece Skincare Kit for $69.99
  • Official Website:

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