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If you got it, flaunt it, as they say, and it’s particularly true if you think your eyes are your fortune. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and can make an impression on the onlookers every single time. Expressive eyes can have a huge impact at a work meeting, presentation as they help connect with your audience and they also have the desired impact in your personal life as well. And now you can accentuate the beauty of your eyes easily with the help of Smooth Tip, innovative liquid eyeliner that ensures that you get that perfect eye look every single time.


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Smooth Tip Liquid Eyeliner
If you want to go out for that special work gathering or for a social do for that matter, you want to make sure your look is inch perfect. But your regular eyeliners just don’t cut it for you and you are often left with those disastrous raccoon eyes. However thanks to this product such shambolic results are easily avoided. That’s because this eyeliner glides in a silky smooth manner around your eyes without any dragging and pulling involved. What’s more, the water based formula will stay on all day, but you can easily wash it away with water if you want to as well.

This eyeliner will be your way of getting those professional quality results at a fraction of the cost. You can get those fines lines for that naturally elegant accent but you can equally easily opt for wider lines to get that big and bold look. You can also let your creativity take control and create designs that will add to your overall look. The silky smooth tip ensures that you get complete control to enable precise application every single time. You will also be pleased to note that once applied it dries quickly and you won’t have to worry about it smudging, running or clumping for that matter.

To get those eye catching results you always wanted you now have Smooth Tip.




What do I get?
You can buy Smooth Tip in either brown or black for $10 plus shipping and handling charge of $7.95 at You can get another Smooth Tip in the same colour by paying additional shipping and handling charge of $7.95.


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