Smile Stick Review

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Smile is the most important part of a person’s face and it is no wonder that people try to sport a glowing, refreshed smile all the time. Unless you own Smile Stick, maintaining a beautiful smile is a real task.

How does Smile Stick Work

Smile Stick is a revolutionary new shrink version of absolutely everything you need to keep a glowing bright smile all the time. It’s a handy little lip cosmetic designed like a lipstick that is a lip gloss, mouth freshener and teeth polisher all rolled into one.

Slime Stick is the 3 in 1 system that basically takes care of refreshing bad breath, polishing teeth and provides a lip gloss to brighten up a smile singlehandedly. The breath freshener of Smile Stick is very effective in providing minty clean teeth and fresh breath quickly due to its amazing odor-fighting ingredients Smile Stick fits very easily in a pocket or a purse and if you are a woman who’s always on the go, you must check out Smile Stick.

The need for inventing Smile Stick was to ensure a beauty tool that provides all the requirements to touch up a smile in an instant is available for women. After all, there are times like post-coffee break or a meeting when you may need to touch up the lips and add a breeze of freshness to the mouth. Carrying numerous items in the purse every single day unfailingly is not possible. An instant freshening formula like Smile Stick is very helpful every moment and is something you can always count on.

The teeth polishing and whitening tube of Smile Stick makes any stain on the teeth vanish in no time. Its lip gloss, which is has the scent of mint, adds to the fresh breath. The gloss is of blue undertone which has the ability to make the teeth whiter giving a perfect memorable smile. The key highlight of Smile Stick is that it doesn’t include any type of peroxide and is completely free of alcohol, parabens, dye and saccharin so make sure you arm yourself with one right away!




What do I get?
Get 2 Smile Sticks for just $10.00 + $15.90 S/h. Official website



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