Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap Review

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Are you worried about not looking good this summer? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to lose those extra inches fast enough to wear all your lovely summer dresses? Now you can, with Slimmer Silhouette the in-home body sculpting system, which is an easy and guaranteed way to lose inches fast and tighten your body.


How does Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap work?
You can even lose from six inches to 28 inches in one hour! With no pills, no surgery and no gimmicks, Slimmer Silhouette is a sure shot and gives you guaranteed results with your very first use! Kristin, a beauty pageant contestant has reported going from a size 4 to a size 2! With Slimmer Silhouette, you can shrink and tone your stomach, love handles, thighs, butt, chin and flabby arms; it can even reduce your embarrassing cellulite.

Slimmer Silhouette is very easy to use; all you have to do is use the spa-quality Slimmer Silhouette body wraps around your target areas, in the comfort and privacy of your home; the natural mineral solution that is applied, gets easily absorbed into your skin to give you optimal results.

Doctors have found that, even without significant lifestyle changes, people have reported losing significant inches; some have even gone from a size 28 to size 16, without any scars and without spending thousands of dollars! Along with the six custom body wraps, you get pre-measured packets of the mineral treatment, a measuring tape, mineral bottle and an Instructional DVD and Manual.




Reviews and Complaints
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Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap Video


2 thoughts on “Slimmer Silhouette Body Wrap Review

  1. I started using Slimmer Silhouette because I had wanted to begin a detox regime. This product seemed unique, so I thought I’d try it. Once I began, I not only felt better, but my body felt firmer, stronger and healthier. One benefit that I received, and had not planned on was weight loss. I believe that this type of detox program set my body up to begin losing the extra pounds I had been carrying around for years. I have kept the excess weight off for over 18 months, and still feel amazing!

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