Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos Review

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What are Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos?

They are temporary metallic jewelry tattoos that promise to help you dazzle your audience wherever you go.
Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos claim to be that perfect eye catching accessory for you to get noticed wherever you might be. You want to make a cool impression in every walk of your life. It’s particularly true when you have to step out for special occasions where you want all eyes to be on you. If you have got it, then you have to flaunt it in style. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos assure you that you can make a lasting impression on the onlookers without trying too hard as you will be making a fashionable and elegant statement.

How does Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos work?

Gorgeous temporary shimmering tattoos
Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos is a kit of professional grade temporary metallic jewelry tattoos that last for 4-6 days. It states to be waterproof and remove easily with baby oil. It maintains to have over 70 designs for the arms, wrists, back, ankles, and neck.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are temporary metallic jewelry tattoos that claim to be high-quality and professional grade body art that just about anyone can get. How far these claims are true will be ascertained once Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos reviews are out. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos assure to be designer tattoos that take just a few seconds to apply and stay on for 4-6 days without wearing off. Can Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos really stay for that long? Let’s wait for more user reviews to find out. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos proclaims to have waterproof material that doesn’t fade with water even when you shower. The claim makes the tattoos sound great but right now there aren’t enough Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos user reviews to tell us if that’s true.

Easy to apply and take off – Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos convinces that you do not have to sit for hours to get the tattoo. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos allege to be easy to use and you just need to choose the design, apply the tattoo and let it dry. Can you get tattoos that easily? Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos user reviews will reveal. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos also promises that they come off just as easily and you allegedly just need to take the tattoo off with baby oil. Is it really that simple to remove Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos? We need to analyze Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos user reviews to believe that claim.

Beautifies all skin tones – No matter what your skin tone – fair or dark – Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos convinces to beautify it all and make you the cynosure of all eyes without having to get yourself inked. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos guarantees to embellish most of your body parts and have over 70 designs inspired by jewelry. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos emphasizes to that there are 15 armbands, bracelets, and ankle bracelets. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos also asserts to have more than 40 icons for earrings, rings, charms, and shimmer and a head dress design. Is it possible for a temporary tattoo kit Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos to have those many designs? Tell us by sending in Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos reviews.

Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos lets you make a stylish impression with ease
Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos asserts that it is the latest fashion trend that has taken the world by storm. From Los Angeles to London and Saint Tropez, this fashion accomplice for women is setting a new trend. And now you can make it your own without spending a fortune for it. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos also ensures that you can get attention wherever you are quite conveniently. All you have to do to use these tattoos to make an impression is pick your favourite design and apply it. Once it’s dried, which is quite quick, you are ready to go out and win admirers.
Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos emphasize that they are perfect for every occasion, whether it is a social event or a casual evening out.


Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos last long – There are several accessories that you might have tried to accentuate your look. But the problem with them is that they come off before you know it, putting you in an awkward situation at times. But that’s not the case with Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos, according to its claims. That’s because Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are meant to last from four to six days. Hence you can keep make them your cool style statement. If you want to remove them or change to a different tattoo, you can easily remove them with baby oil.


Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos are safe for use – When you are using a new accessory on your skin, you want to make sure it is safe for use. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos guarantee you just that because they are known to be safe for practically all skin types. You will also be pleased to find that they are made using waterproof material. That’s why they don’t come off at the most inopportune time, like when you are on the beach. Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos bring you several creative pieces that can be worn on different parts of your body to make a big impression.

What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive 2 Sets of 25 Shimmer Jewelry Tattoos for $10 plus $5.99 S&H!
  • Official website:
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