Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Review

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Do you always wish to be the cynosure of all eyes at a party or on a night out with shimmery body art? The thought crossing your mind must be finding a professional body artist, the high cost of a shimmer tattoo and the time you would need to get it done professionally. But you can lay all these concerns to rest and create your own shimmer tattoo any time you like with Shimmer Glitter Tattoos – the professional body art kit that is extremely easy and quick to do.


Shimmer Glitter Tattoos
You can bedazzle the world with tattoos that shine bright at all times and within seconds. All you have to do is select the stencil from the Shimmer Glitter Tattoos kit, press it on the body part of your desire and brush on the patented adhesive. Then peel off the stencil carefully, dip the brush in the glitter and apply it on the stencilled part. Your shimmery design will be ready in no time at all!

You can choose from subtle designs like stars and butterflies for your ankle or bold and beautiful dragon for your shoulder or a heart for your face. Add it to kiddie parties, birthday parties or playtime during holidays – kids would love it and can create so many beautiful designs. Create matching design with your girlie gang at a slumber party or be the rockstar on a night out. The adhesive is waterproof so it lasts without fading or bleeding for 7 days. Removing Shimmer Glitter Tattoos is just as easy and can be done with baby oil. It is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic so it can be used on a kid’s delicate skin or your own sensitive skin without a reaction.



What do I get?
Where a single tattoo would cost you $ 12 at a theme park, you can place an order for a standard Shimmer Glitter Tattoos kit today and for a marginal extra cost get as many as 12 stencils, 2 glitters (2 bonus glitters pink and silver so making it 4 glitters in all), 1 glue and 2 brushes. Or then pay just a little more and upgrade to the Deluxe Shimmer Glitter Tattoos kit and get a whopping 40 stencils, 10 Glitters, 2 Glues and 2 Brushes.
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12 thoughts on “Shimmer Glitter Tattoos Review

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  2. I figured out a way to reuse the stencils. You can just hold it in place on your skin or tape it down. My daughter loves this kit and reuses the stencils all the time. The company said they didn’t make the stencils reusable for hygiene reasons but we’ve had no problems whatsoever.

  3. I almost bought the deluxe kit for a Girl Scout fundraiser but if you can’t reuse the stencils then we can only sell 40 tattoos. Does this make ANY sense? How many tattoos can be made with the amount of glitter provided?

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