Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove Review

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Every one of us looks and feels better with a gorgeous tan but too much sun can damage your skin and tanning creams can leave marks on your skin and are a huge mess. Now there is a better way to tan. Secret Glow is an easy to use self tanning glove which can give you a gorgeous even tan anytime you want.




How does Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove work?
Place the glove on your hand and rub onto the areas that you want tanned. The best part is that it dries and you can get a flawless -perfect tan in just minutes and what is even better is it leaves no stain on your hands or clothes.

Secret Glo lasts up to ten days and won’t get washed away. It brings back your natural color so you get your natural looking tan or rich golden tan that. You can also tan your face with the fresh from the beach look unlike other self tanners. Each pre-measured glove will give your entire body a golden glow from head to toe so you can now tan your arms and legs five times or tan your face and neck ten times with a single pack.



What do I get?
8 Secret Glo Tanning Gloves



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove Video


14 thoughts on “Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove Review

  1. Been buying Secret Glo from Zestify for a year now and love it more and more. They do a buy one get one free offer so you get 8 mitts for £30 which is a bargain considering you get a much better than when you buy those expensive St Tropez products.

  2. I have purchased the Secret Glo gloves for more than a year got them from Target and it is the best product in the fake tan range I have ever used. Problem is now target dont seem to stock them.

  3. Well, I really wanted to order this sunless glo, but after seeing the reviews of the trouble that other women went thru just to get theirs ordered, I am kind of leary. I can no longer go to a tanning bed, and really like to be tan. I see that one lady got hers and that she loves it, but 2 women ordered and had trouble getting theirs. I don’t want to pay and not get it.

    • Well, I did order this Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove and never received. Now I call their number and it is currently not in service. Imagine that! SCAM!!! For real!

  4. I ordered the Secret Glo Tanning Gloves on 4/28/11. Today is 5/31/11 and I still haven’t received my purchase. I called twice, and was told it would be sent out by the end of the month. (May). I got an E-Mail today stating that it was STILL on backorder. I’m leaving for vacation in 9 days, so I called and canceled my order. I find it ridiculous that a company can treat their customers with so little regard. The woman whom I spoke to never even apologized to me. I guess this company doesn’t care about potential customers at all if this is how we are treated!!!

  5. I ordered this Secret Glo Sunless Tanning Glove on 12/16/2010 and it took them 2 days to receive order in their system as per they say. I called repeated for 2 days because their was a billing issue where I was charged for their so called buy one get one free. When I finally got a hold of them for the 4th time calling that day right before they closed the call center got a hold on an agent Diana who said yes it was in their system now but could not correct it because it was shipped out to me already. I find this very strange I order a lot online and NEVER have I ever come across anything quite like this. So now I have to wait to receive product in mail return it back to them and wait to receive credit back to my card. WOW it this was my first time ordering with them and look, Olmen saying to me this is a scam.

  6. Used my Secret-glo last night, love it, love it, love it. I’m gonna go back work with a fab tan and show it off to my colleague who just back from a holiday with no Tan. LOL

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