Salon Shoppe Dream Look Instant Eye Lift Reviews and Complaints

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About Dream Look

Your eyes say so much about you. But, droopy, sagging eyelids can make you look older than you really are. Well, now you can regain that youthful, fresh look you have always wanted. Here is the Dream Look Instant Eye Lift from the salon shop. Dramatic photos will show it all. Use this and transform your eyes, taking years off your appearance.


How does Dream Look Instant Eye Lift work?

Lift your lids for a natural, beautiful look. Shape and define your eyes for amazing results. Do this all instantly without surgery.

You eyes will look instantly open, instantly bigger. It will even help take away bags and wrinkles. Get more shape. Your hood will be completely lifted and you will look younger. Get these amazing results instantly.

It is so fast and easy! Just apply the Dream Look Instant Eye lift invisible, ultra thin strip onto your eyelid. They will gently support and shape your lid for a naturally beautiful lid. Use Dream Look Instant Eye lift with or without makeup. It is hypoallergenic and so comfortable; you won’t even know it’s there.

Dream Look Instant Eye Lift is invisible, easy to apply, and no one will ever know it’s on. Get bigger, bolder, and youthful eyes.

You don’t need cosmetic surgery. Dream Look will give you the lift you’ve always wanted instantly.


Disadvantages/Cons Of Dream Look Instant Eye Lift

When you use any kind of salon/beauty product you want something that’s discreet and will be inconspicuous. But be warned, Dream Look Instant Eye Lift is very visible, hence when you go out wearing it everyone will notice that you have used something on your eyes.

Auto Shipment Scam
You get the feeling that makers of the product are trying too hard to sell it, which makes their attempts look a bit desperate. All you see is impressive results on the website and buttons to order the product. It should naturally set alarm bells ringing for you. And as you scroll down the website the scam becomes quite obvious because in fine print is mentioned the fact that you will be automatically enrolled into an Auto Shipment program. You also get charged $19.99 for new supplies. It reeks of one of those membership programs that you just can’t seem to shake off and end up paying through your nose for. It might be a good idea to wait for Dream Look Instant Eye Lift to hit the stores as it is bound to sooner or later.

Dream Look Eye Instant Lift is visible

Firstly, you have to order it a few times for it to go through, which becomes quite a pain. But that’s just the beginning of your problems; the strips you get are very difficult to place properly on your eyes. And they might be invisible on your hands but don’t be fooled, they are as visible as daylight when you have them on your eyes. You go out to a party wearing them and the first thing you might be asked is, “what’s on your eyes?”; it’s that obvious. You can try moving it around or on the crease too, but results remain the same, which is extremely disappointing.

Shipping-Handling and Returning Scam
Dream Look Eye Instant Lift comes from the Salon Shoppe, which is quite a difficult company to deal with. Right at the onset you will face problems as you will be put through recorded calls that sell one product or another. Once you get through the barrage of hard sell you will find that the company has a no questions asked policy when it comes to refunds. And that is supposed to include shipping. But when you get a refund eventually, you don’t get the shipping costs back. The company charges $7.50 for each packet although the double packets arrive in a single box and hardly weigh anything. There; you can say goodbye to your $15.

Who is Dream Look Instant Eye lift best suited for?
If you have drooping eyelids and deep-set eyes, you will see the benefits of Dream Look. In many instances the results are quite dramatic. However people with small or very large eyelids may or may not see any substantial improvement.

Can the restorative lifts be seen on the eyelids?
Since the lifts are invisible, they tend to disappear from the eyelid. However on people who have small or large eyelids, the lifts might be less invisible than those on people with deep set eyes. But results differ from one person to another and there are people with large eyelids, who have said that Dream Look Instant Eye lift works brilliantly for them.

How frequently can you use Dream Look Instant Eye lift?
Dream Look Instant Eye lift can be used daily to get rid of that droopy and tired look. Executives can use Dream Look Instant Eye lift to look younger, more alert and on the button at all times. Photographers and makeup artistes who need to make their clients look good and younger too, can find use for Dream Look Instant Eye lift as well.

Is Dream Look Instant Eye lift a permanent solution for your eyes?
Dream Look Instant Eye lift offers you a temporary solution for drooping eyelids. The results last as long as the lifts are on the eyelids. It has been designed to be used daily and as an easier alternative to surgery. As a matter of fact, eyelid surgery doesn’t give permanent results either.

Can Dream Look Instant Eye lift minimize the tired eye look?
Not only does Dream Look Instant Eye lift reduce the tired eye look, which is often caused by sagging eyelids, it also takes about 10-15 years off your age. You start looking younger, brighter like many others who keep receiving compliments from their loved ones, friends and peers.

Can I use Dream Look Instant Eye lift to give a lift to my eyelids even if I don’t have a completely covered eyelid?
Dream Look Instant Eye lift can be used even if the eyelid is visible. It lets you lift the drooping area of the eyelid and give it a beautiful curved shape. These lifts are translucent, thin and also have a hypoallergenic adhesive on one side.

Does Dream Look work for men?
Yes, Dream Look Instant Eye lift can definitely used by men, who often see good results.

What gel can be used with Dream Look Instant Eye lift? Does it contain latex and is it safe for skin?

Medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive forms the coating in Dream Look Instant Eye lift. It’s a petroleum based gel, which is applied over the adhesive to retain the strong adhesion capability. At the same time it is responsible for it to be applied over and over again without any loss of adhesion or unnecessary pulling of skin. Removal is also easier because of the gel. And as it’s a hypoallergenic adhesive, your skin will not feel any irritation. However if you do experience any irritation of skin, you need to discontinue use immediately. And if you are allergic or sensitive to petroleum products, Dream Look is not for you. However Dream Look does not contain latex.

Who is Dream Look Instant Eye lift best suited for?
If you have drooping eyelids and deep-set eyes, you will see the benefits of Dream Look Instant Eye lift. In many instances the results are quite dramatic. However people with small or very large eyelids may or may not see any substantial improvement.

Can the restorative lifts be seen on the eyelids?
Since the lifts are invisible, they tend to disappear from the eyelid. However on people who have small or large eyelids, the lifts might be less invisible than those on people with deep set eyes. But results differ from one person to another and there are people with large eyelids, who have said that Dream Look Instant Eye lift works brilliantly for them.


How To Use Dream Look Instant Eye lift

Step 1: – Remove transparent strip, place on finger.
Step 2: – Apply small amount of eye lift gel to the strip.
Step 3: – Apply the strip to the crease of the eye.

What do I get?64 Invisible Strips for just $14.99 + $15.90 S/H. Official Website:

45 thoughts on “Salon Shoppe Dream Look Instant Eye Lift Reviews and Complaints

  1. This Dream Look Instant Eye lift company should not be allowed to sell on TV or online. This Dream Look Instant Eye lift is a total scam. If airlines are made to publish all charges for the cost of the ticket you purchase these companies who’s main purpose is to deceive the public should not be allowed to do business anywhere. How can we protect ourselves from being victims to these greedy crooks. We went to their site at our own free will but that does not mean that they can take advantage of the consuming public. I was charged 5 times for shipping & handling for one package of 4 boxes of dream look. I paid $72.73. Now I understand why it took them 4 weeks to ship. They made sure they get their money first. Please I plead to all to join me and report this SCAM to the Federal Trade Commission. We don’t want dishonest business entities to spread throughout The U.S.A. I felt so sorry I did not make a thorough research about this company. I was just so confident because it was advertised on T V it was legit….grrrrr how I hate myself for being so naive. I should have known better… People avoid Dream Look Instant Eye lift. They are thieves!!!

  2. OMG, these Dream Look Instant Eye Lift is such a scam….do not order them, they are a big joke and so isn’t the price of the shipment. I just filed a complaint on the BBB website. AGAIN, DO NOT ORDER THEM. Strangers will be calling offering other scams. Do not fall for this.

  3. According to website and infomercial, nobody will know you are wearing them. Not true, they are very obvious, even with makeup.

  4. Hi, I am a young 72 yrs, I use the eye lid tape, and also use a wispy pair of self adhesive eye lashes, and some light eye shadow. The eye lid tape works great……you have to experiment a little, but its worth a try!!

  5. Their website is set up to rip you off. I emailed them and have been trying to call. I wanted 64 Eye-lifts and It was supposed to be $19.99. This fiasco ended up costing me $166.00. I am going to stop payment on my. CC. What a scam.

  6. This product is a mess as is the Co, and their policies, you dont save a dime buying them, I am a 51 year old MAN, Yes Man, with very droopy eyelids. (Medically called Ptosis) They droop so bad when I am even slightly tired that I can hardly see, frequently having to physically lift my eyelid with my fingertip.

    I use the product mentioned above by TRISHA ESPOLT called Eye Secret. A British product, They work GREAT And as you can imagine, for me to say they work great they must as I can not use makeup or other products to try to hide the strips as the is virtually nothing to hide, I believe that I have only been asked twice by an individual if I had something on my eyes, and this was because the were standing very very close and in very bright lighting.

    British Eye Secret… Amazing Product.

    • Elad,

      I don’t know what the health policies are in Britain, but here in the U.S., if you have Ptosis, you can have eye-lid surgery and it is covered by your medical insurance. It is NOT considered cosmetic. A man in my church recently had it done.

      Look into it. Maybe you can get a free eye-lift and look years younger!

  7. Be careful!! Dream Look is 100% noticeable every one will see that you have something stick on you eyelid , I have thrown them away. They will continue to send the product again and again and charge your credit card.
    when you place the order it says: “click here for free shipping”, that is what they use to sign you in for life.
    scam! scam ! scam!

  8. You can order this product from AmeriMark (#029511) for $19.99. This is a catalog item and you will not be put on automatic shipping. I have ordered numerous items from them and never had a problem.

  9. I had the same experience as many others on this site, got a whole bunch of extra stuff that I did not intend to order with no opportunity to review the order just went straight to a confirmation. Last night I received a call from a lady wanting to verify my address and sell me something else and get $100 in free gas….I told her I was upset about the order totaling $163.25 that I did not want most of the items but had no opportunity to review the order and make changes. She gave me a number to call for customer service, when I called they said I had to call customer billing today. When I did I was told the order had been shipped on Monday. Why did they call Wednesday night to confirm my address? This is a nightmare… not order anything from them!!!!

  10. What a SCAM!!!

    WordPress must be a totally scummy organization to work with such scammers. I intend to spread the word about your scummy companies!

  11. First of all I should have read the online reviews! I have tried this in every way I can, and its just a rip off. Its hard to use, hard to see, looks awful with my make up.. take some advice..don’t buy it!

    • Hi

      I have ordered from England on Google a product called Eye Secrets that I saw in an English magazine called “Hello.” Jennifer Aniston was wearing them and they work EXTRA GREAT, JUST SUPER!

      They’re 60 strips for approx $ 46.00 with S&H. I can’t be without them, at 67 yrs they’re a prize! At this time I have gone through 3 sets, so I’ve been using them about 6 months, since about Jan 11.

  12. My advice after ONE mistake I ordered on-line. A tool with the get one free.. for my Son years ago. Don’t fall for it or the “But Wait”! lol “get a second set free” etc.. You pay a lot for S & H. These, like everything else that’s been on TV will be in your local drug or Department store real soon, CHEAP! Then you can try them out at a reasonable enough price to throw them out and NOT have any banking info out there risking repeatedly being charged for things you didn’t want or order. Be safe, and if it looks too good to be true? Probably is!! Just my opinion. 😎

  13. The ordering website is not user-friendly. It is confusing and does not let you review your order before processing. I ordered the original set plus the bonus set for free (just pay &H), then the next page asked if I wanted to take advantage of the bonus set. I thought I had already done that, but answered yes. The order processed and I saw that I had ordered DOUBLE of everything at double the cost! It was late Friday, so I had to wait till Monday to call. Then I was told the order was not showing up yet and to call back Tuesday, but not to worry, it would not ship out that quickly. I called back Tuesday and it had already shipped out. I was

    • (I hit enter by mistake) … I was livid! But the lady refunded the cost plus S&H for the extra set I ordered by mistake and told me to just mail the extra set back as soon as I received it. I was very happy with the customer service.

      The strips made my eyes look really good when I first put them on, but after blinking a few times, my eyelid skin would push the strips into different angles so that they looked really weird. It seemed like I had too much skin for the strips to support. So I ended up sending them back. I called first and was shocked to find out that they would be refunding me the original S&H, as well as the purchase price. That made me VERY happy, because the 2 separate S&H fees were $15.90 and the product was only $19.99. They also said they cancelled my membership so that I would not receive any further shipments. Hopefully, I will receive my full refund and not be sent any more strips, as promised.

  14. So glad I read this. I was almost going to order this. Thanks everyone!! You guys are great to take the time out and warn us….

  15. When I went to pay for this Salon Shoppe Dream Look Instant Eye Lift, it added additional items to my cart as well, and I only wanted a $19.99 product. My grand total? $107.00 !!! Since I ordered on a Saturday, of course I had to wait until Monday to speak to anyone !! I was on the phone for 45 minutes, and they would not cancel my order because it was my husbands card. I understand this (somewhat). Now my poor husband has to take time out of his busy day to call CS. Because of the unprofessionalism and “scammy” routine of this company, I would never order from them again. I normally use Eye Magic Eye Strips, and because I thought I would save money going to another product for a short time…LOL…I am paying the price !!

    • So Linda, do the “Eye Magic Strips” work? I only have one eye that is-lets say droopy! Weird but when I am tired it looks like its almost shut when my left eye looks just tired! But let me know if the “Eye Magic Strips” really work.

      Thank you

      • Karen,

        If your eye is almost shut when you’re tired, you are probably a candidate to get a surgical eye-lift paid for by your insurance. See an ophthalmologist to refer you to a cosmetic surgeon.

  16. They signed me up for a monthly delivery of Salon Shoppe Dream Look product when I expressly told them not to sign me up for anything else. When you try to call them they keep you waiting a half hour to answer the phone, probably to hope you’ll give up. We’ll see if they send more product next month, it wouldn’t surprise me,it’s probably a scam!

  17. Hey everybody, just go to eBay and buy Eyelid tape for a fraction of the price and many w/free shipping!!

  18. I didn’t like the idea of enrolling in a membership for a product I haven’t ordered yet. I can wait until the product gets to the “as seen on TV” section at the drug store! Even then, I probably won’t get it. How can a plastic strip with lifting gel be invisible?

  19. just another well made marketing trick and manipulation to get as much $$ as they can. One page website with a bunch of ” impressive” results and a bunch of ” order now” buttons all over the place. I saw something like this before already. ALL THIS makes me think that it is a scam and something is fishy. The product sellers sound too desperate to sell, so desperate that is getting obvious. What a shame. .. And as a one big red flag – unwanted membership. All scammers use this – ” the membership” thing, something that is hard to get rid of. And, now, as a great finale, to all of you consumers : before ordering something always, ALWAYS try to call that company first. If there are issues with reaching out to customer service forget about the order, forget about the product and run as soon as you can. 4 letter word : SCAM.

  20. This Salon Shoppe Dream Look Instant Eye Lift company is a rip off from beginning to end. Had to order multiple times to get it to go through. Was excited to use the strips only to find them difficult to place properly. Although they are quite invisible in your hands they did show on my eyelid. The first question I was asked was “what’s that on your eyelid?” I tried moving it to various locations around and on the crease and they still are visible.

    The Salon Shoppe Dream Look Instant Eye Lift company is very difficult to deal with…an endless cycle of recorded announcements when you call, each offering yet another product. They have a ‘no questions asked’ policy of refund which is supposed to include shipping. They charge $7.50 for each packet, even though double packets are in one box and weight nothing. In short, when I finally got my refund they did not include the $15+ in shipping in the refund which I had to get from my credit card company.

  21. I am so glad I saw this website. Was going to order these but something told me not to. I saw that membership thing and was skeptical. This is exactly what I thought it was. Another scam!!!

    • Yes, you saved yourself a headache. They also added a membership charge onto my bill, which involved more time spent trying to correct that. I think they must get away with getting money from people who don’t put in the effort to get it corrected. Between that and keeping the large shipping costs they are pretty bad. Too bad, I looked forward to the miracle eye lift…but there are few miracles in life, right?

  22. In addition to being charged for the product and shipping and handling, I was charged for a “membership” which I DID NOT ORDER.

  23. You should remove the Dream Lift Instant Eye Lift from your site. Or is this a fake site made by them? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    I just placed my order online for the amount of $19.99. But at checkout, my cart had a lot of additional things I did not buy, including a “club membership” even though I had clicked on NO when the option presented itself – and it ended up being over $41. There was no option to change the cart or update it, it was just processed without my being able to look it over first.

    I did NOT enroll in the club, I did NOT order “an additional 64” or any of the rest of it. When I tried to call the phone number given, all it is is an endless loop of voice-mail options telling me to press one for a new order and 2 for an existing order. I did that, and got a different voice telling me the exact same thing. So I pressed 2 again, and the first voice came back saying the SAME THING. When I emailed them at the address given, the email bounced back as undeliverable. THIS IS A SCAM. I told my bank to block the payment.

    I am disgusted, and I will report them to the FCC.

  24. Could you kindly tell me what ingredients are in the “gel”? I have Glaucoma & take eye drops constantly. My eye pressure must be constantly monitored. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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