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If you are someone who likes to go out and be the center of attention, you might probably want to be at your best at all times. You take the effort to do your makeup and hair, put on a sensational dress and shoes and are ready to party. Hold on a minute; are you missing something? Oh, you couldn’t find the time to visit a salon to get your nails done? But you have a quick fix solution with Salon Express that will ensure you nail your look to perfection.


How does Salon Express Review work
No more struggling with painting designs on nails for hours or going to salons and blowing up a fortune; you can get those designer nails at home within minutes with the help of Salon Express.

Now the answer to getting sensational nails is literally at your fingertips. Salon Express is so easy to use that you will not have enough of it once you get started. All you need to do is pick a color and place it on the design of your choice, scrape of the excess and get the design on to the stamp.

Now get your favorite design on your nails and go out and be the object of everyone’s envy. Such professional looking results have never been seen at home, especially with a product that works within minutes.

Salon Express can be used with any nail polish you might have; the results will be as spectacular. It’s ideal for manicure and pedicures as well, what more could you ask for?



What do I get?

  • Salon Express Designer Kit
  • 5 image plates with 40 designs
  • French Manicure Disc

You can also add an 8-Piece Manicure/Pedicure Kit to the package by just paying separate S&H. You can buy Salon Express for just $14.99 plus processing and handling fee of $6.99 at


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  1. I just bought this Salon Express. Had some difficulty but gonna try some different polish. And seriously ladies, how can you NOT realize there is plastic on it!!! Come on now don’t get mad because other women used common sense!!! Wow

    • First of all I got this for my daughter yesterday for Xmas. She was excited, we had a hell of a time taking off the blue film then it just wouldn’t go on the stamper or my nail. I tried 20 times hands and toes and only got it to work twice.

      • I got it yesterday and although it takes a little practice mine worked great ill be getting more plates soon sometimes it helps if you let a friend do it for you. Not your mom though no offense Angie but people as old as you tend to have a little trouble with things like this.

        Don’t angle the plate
        Take off the blue film
        You can file the design if your having trouble
        Put the plate in the holder
        The more nail polish the better
        Make sure you know where the design is on the stamper before you put it down

  2. This product suckst wo hours trying to use it and nothing waste of MONEY!! Don’t buy did not see any quality disappointed.

  3. Huge waste of money:( I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased this item and tried it out. Removing the blue film or not, it will still not work. the polish dries on the plate before you can even put it on your nail and the result comes out messy and there’s no design. never ever will I buy products that say “as seen on tv” again. Huge disappointment, I really was hoping it would work:( I tried all kinds of polish and followed the directions exactly but no good result. Don’t waste your money!! I also agree with Twanna’s comment. the product does not work. Period.

  4. This is bullshit. I went out and bought it at like, 3am at Walgreens. I took off the blue film and it still didnt work. The polish WILL NOT transfer onto the stamper. I tried pressing down hard, pressing soft, rolling and jabbing and nothing worked. I tried OPI, Julep, Wet N Wild, Ice, Finger Paints AND LA Colors…nothing worked.

    • I bought this product today at Big Lots for $6.50. I see people are saying that the positive reviews are workers. I AM NOT. I wanted the product online but like all things if you give it a few months they practically pass them out. 1. It takes practice. 2. You need to use nail art polish. I got mine at the dollar store. 3. Colors should contrast to show better. Use a lighter base polish with a darker design and a darker base polish with with a lighter design. Stick with it. It was WELL worth $6.50…

  5. Ok I bought this kit yesterday for $10 at a local store. Practice makes perfect and yes, it does actually work. Ok for the base coat, you can use any nail polish, but for the actual stamper, the kit advises to use nail art nail polish, which i used. Apply, scrap, and apply quickly, because it does dry fast. Press down hard on the stamper to get the design to stick on it, and use a roll effect to apply to your nail. Also, use a top coat over the nail after the design, because it will will protect the design and nail polish. The scraper, does scrap the metal plates, so I ended using a old credit card, works perfectly. Hope this helps.

  6. OK stop ordering this product through the website, they have them at Walmart, Kmart, sally’s beauty supplies for $10 bucks. I used thin nail polish at first (that is all i had) it worked, so far. The metal scraper will eventually scrap the designs so use an old credit card, works perfectly. Just. Be patience, practice makes perfect. Take the blue film cover off first, not easy w/o nails. It tells you where to peel it easier.

  7. Does anybody know what nail polishes work best? I tried a bunch and they didnt really work that great.

  8. Is it worth it to buy it online? They say the shipping will take 3 weeks… and I would have to pay another 7 dollars to make it ship in 5 – 8 days.

  9. After watching a great You Tube video, I realized that the scraper that came with it was crap. I used an old credit card to scrape off the excess polish and it worked perfectly. I also didn’t use the holder that was included to hold the discs. I just put the disc directly on a sheet of white paper and apply the polish, scrape straight off with the edge of the credit card and all is good. The credit card does not leave scratches on the discs like the blade did.

  10. Best $10 ever spent on nail art. After I pulled off the blue plastic this worked perfectly. Just like with anything else it does take practice. I’ve used OPI and China Glaze and Finger Paints brand of nail polish for my art. My only recommendation is that you choose your colors wisely since it is a stamp.

  11. My husband and I saw it on TV and he said honey you should try that, a few days later I found it for $10 at DOLLAR GENERAL. I made sure to peel off the blue backing and follow all instructions. I applied a small amount of nail polish to a design and ran the scraper across it not once but twice and there was still polish around the design when when I picked it up so it looked ridiculous having a butterfly in an odd circle on my nail. I plan to do a YouTube video of my own.

    I am one of those consumers who will speak up and speak out about products and services that I do or do not like and often times it nets me refunds and freebies. Especially when I let them know I’m so dissatisfied that I will never buy their products again.

    These scammers think they are slick by not putting contact info. on the product packaging it just says “Spark innovators Ontel products corporation Fairfield NJ 07004” there is no number or completed address but that will not stop me from being heard!

  12. I feel so stupid! I purchased the Salon Express today just to give it a shot to see if it REALLY worked. I used my polish (chi brand) and did EXACTLY what the instructions told me to do. I could not understand why it scraped ALL the polish of when I went to scrape the excess polish off like it told me to do. I read some of the above comments and noticed that I DID NOT pull the blue paper off!! Felt like a total JACK ASS, BUT it did work!! I thought I wasted my money but in actuality I didn’t. You just have to have patience!

  13. LOVE IT!!!! I received this as a gift and absolutely love it! I find if you use thicker polishes it tends to work much better. The thinner the polish, the crappier the result. I use OPI and Nicole polishes. They are more expensive but they work. I wish I could attach a photo for those of you who are frustrated with the product. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, but if you do care to give it another try with the polishes suggested, I think you will find better results. GOOD LUCK!

  14. I ordered online and was charged $75.00 for 2 kits and one of the gem kits. I was so angry I tried to call and cancel, but of course it’s Saturday and they are closed. So I cancelled my credit card and got a new one issued! TAKE THAT, SALON EXPRESS! One less sucker for you to bleed!

  15. This is some real BULLSHIT. It does not work. I bought it for my teenage daughter and she was very excited until she tried to use it and it did not work. I bought all kinds of expensive polish and it still did not work. The people who are saying that it does work must be employees and if someone live in Houston,TX that can prove me wrong please send me a reply so we can meet up and show me and I will gladly re post a message. Let’s go.

  16. This does not work at all. I did exactly as stated but the scraper never scraped all the paint away to make it clean enough to even tell that there was a design underneath. Also by the time you put the stamper on it, the paint is already dried. What a waste of money this was. I am so sick of products stating that they will make your life easier when in fact it does the opposite. This was a horrible waste of money.

  17. Hi,

    I purchased Salon Express on phone but did not get any confirmation or order number! Though the call went on for 20 mins+ I gave out my card details also.

    Is there anyway I can track my order as I did not even receive a confirmation email also!:(

    Please help!

  18. I didn’t finish my other post I am on a cell phone and it submitted on accident. But what I was saying is that if it is descent, it will be in stores in a month or two. They even have the as seen on TV store in the mall and the sections at Target, WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, Meijer, etc… So my advise buy it but at the store!! I love it. I just want the French tip plate so I have to see how to get one. =)

  19. Seen on TV and told my 11 yr old daughter “No way, that will not work” but if its in stores I’ll pay the $10.00. (I mean its $10, worth the risk) So yesterday we were at Walmart and they had them for $10!! So I said lets get one. I told my daughter to pick out some decent nail polishes ($1.99) because I figured it would need to be a thick consistency if its going to be transferred. So we go home and she immediately opened the package pulled the blue film off, (sorry but I laughed my butt off reading these posts I think it was obvious that you need to peel that off lmao) and she started using it. I must say this thing is neat!! Works great! I mean use common sense, don’t use too much or too little polish it is cool and clean up is easy with a cotton ball and nail-polish remover. I wish it came with the French tip disc but it came with 5 total. Guess u have to order on TV for that. But if u read the posts either people didn’t remove the film or they had issues with ordering online/over phone. Which again no offense but wait the 1-2 months for it to be in stores why waste your time and money and is this that important where u must have it right now on TV?? Jeez have some self control. If its resent.

  20. I just bought this today and I figure out the blue sticker when I look on you tube and OMG I’m not the only one… poor lady the one is to smart because she knows blah blah maybe just she have menopause we have to understand…. I do customer service too don’t try to be smart just read the instructions don’t say nothing about it.

  21. Ok… my fiance got me this for Christmas… I am doing my nails constantly… so he got me this… to cut back time because it takes me hours from all the designing I do…. and we got one for my niece… well we could not get them to work… so I was just sitting here and that commercial came on so I decided I was going to write a review… well I was reading some of the reviews and I didn’t know that there was a blue film over the stamps… so I dug it out and I checked and wouldn’t you know it really does work… first thing I did was call my niece and let her know… lol… and then I tried it… and it does work… just need thicker nail polish… it would have helped if they put in the instructions that you have to remove the blue cover on the stamps….

    • I just bought Salon Express for my 11 year old and she immediately opened it up, peeled the blue sticker off and started using it. =) I just told her right now what the reviews say and she said duh mom look at the back of the box the discs weren’t blue so it was obvious to peel off. So…guess you gotta be a kid =)

      • Your snide comments are not needed. “gotta be a kid” well, you and your snobby 11 year old daughter act the same age.

  22. Bought this when it came out at Rite Aid–was so excited for my 13 year old and myself to try it–Wow–Glad I kept my receipt–Cause this was a waste of money and time–Does NOT work–We tried for an hour and nothing–And I did take the blue film off—-Don’t waste your money!!

  23. I have the Konad version of this product and it works beautifully. However it doesn’t work with just any nail polish, they sell a thicker polish for this purpose. I bought it at the National Women’s Show. It was more expensive but about the same when you take shipping into account. If you purchase any of these products, know that practice makes perfect and have a little patience, let dry for at least 10 minutes and apply clear coat over-top, with the fewest amount of brush strokes possible to avoid smearing. Try the Konad version, it does work.

  24. I hardly buy anything off of TV, I wait until it goes to Walmart or Dollar General. Not only is it usually cheaper but its the same. They have a section just for “As seen on TV.” I bought this product from there, it might of been missing the extra french tip stencil but I got everything else. It has worked great. My girls love it and I do as well. We have our nails all done up with it, it works great. Was NOT a waste of money or time.

  25. I have been waiting for my kits since 11/22/11. I have had 2 shipments missing pieces, and a 3rd yet to receive that does not include all the items originally ordered. I am very dissatisfied with this company and will never order from them again.
    I can’t even write a review…I don’t have the item!!

  26. I’m Ashley’s twin sister and this wasn’t working so I said give it to mom, its junk and she looked online and Tina said remove the blue film. I love you Tina so it wasn’t a waste of time and money because it worked for me and Ashley so thanks Tina.

  27. I am 13 years old and my mom got me and my twin sister this product. It wasn’t working, the nail polish kept coming off so I went online and saw Tina’s review, thank you Tina you saved my mom’s money and by the way everyone you need to remove the blue film. Once again thanks Tina.

  28. I think all of the commentators that say this Salon Express is a great product probably work for this awful scam of a company! How can you say this works? It doesn’t work no matter what ‘tricks’ you try! Piece of crap! DO NOT BUY THIS! Especially off the internet because they CHARGE MUCH MORE than it says!

  29. I just got the Salon Express…. tried it and it didn’t work AT FIRST!! But then I took the CLEAR FILM ON TOP (were the designs are) OFF & it works wonderful!! I LOVE IT! works with even the cheap polish!

  30. I have been ROBBED by this company! I have NEVER received anything from this company, yet they billed my credit card $95.92. I want my money back! I do not appreciate this company STEALING from me!

  31. I would not advise anyone to order anything from this company ever!!! When I placed my order they did not inform me that the plates were completely sold out until after I gave my card info. After the order was processed I received an email saying so! I then tried to cancel my order and I wanted a refund they never replied! So today I have a $34 deduction on my bank statement!! It’s been over a month and over 8 emails! I actually ended up getting better image plates from Amazon by for only $20 with way more plates and polish included in the kit by Konad! I wouldn’t recommend Ontel or for squat!!!! Buyer beware it’s a scam!!

  32. I bought mine from Walgreen and I only paid ten dollars it only came with five plates but when I got it home e and my friend couldn’t get it to work we tried different nail polishes and all but hen I would scrap it it took all the paint off. my lil sister bought one the next day bragging her worked. I dont know why they dont put it in the directions but it has a protective film on it its kinda hard if u dont have nails to get it peeled off but peel the cover off the front and it actually does hat it says it does I hope this is helpful also dont pay $20 for it online they sell them in stores now for $10.

  33. I purchased salon express for my daughter for a Christmas gift. She was very excited, until we tried it and it did not work at all. It seemed that the plates were not grooved deep enough to hold any polish. Any possibility of getting a free one sent to try again? My daughter would be very excited!!

    Thank you.

    • If you remove the blue film from the side with the designs in it, it will work. I don’t know why they didnt put that in the directions.

      • This Salon Express was terrible at first a big waste of money but the most important part is to remove the blue film from the disc and then it works fine …how could they forget to put that in the directions

  34. I too ordered this “Salon Express” from the website where the shipping and handling was $6.99, but my card was charged $13.25 for shipping. I then look at my card later and see I was charged for 2 more. So I call the 800 number and get no where so I call my card company and get a better number. I am told by the customer service rep to refuse the package for a full refund. I then get this e-mail today:

    “Your returned order (order number) has been received. If your return qualifies for a refund, you will be notified separately when your refund has been posted.

    Shipping, processing, and handling are not refundable.

    Please note that it may take your card issuing institution up to one full billing cycle to apply this refund to your account.

    Thank you.”


    This is the NEW 2012 SCAM. So I contact the BBB and get NO WHERE so now I guess I am just a VICTIM until I can get Channel 7 News on this.

    BUT TO TOP IT ALL OFF ….. this Salon Express doesn’t even work!!

    How do I get some of my money back?

    • I am not sure if you did this already but you have to take off the blue film or else it will not work. I was about to throw it out because it didn’t work but them it got scratched and the blue film came off. I don’t know why they didn’t put that in the directions.

      • On the back of the box it lists the steps you take to get the results you want. I don’t know why people keep posting that taking the blue film off wasn’t in the instructions.

        • Exactly! If people weren’t so illiterate, they would have easily seen the instructions, read them, and would not have been required to post snotty childish comments!

      • On the back of the box it lists the steps you have to take to achieve the results you want. I don’t know why people keep posting that taking the blue film off was not in the instructions.

  35. I know a few of you have complained about ordering from the site so I went and got it from my local drug store and I have to say I am very happy!!! You do need to remove the blue film or else the paint won’t sit in the designs. Another trick I found is if you buy the Sally nail polish pens. They are either a brush or the have a tip for designs, the tip pen is e best you waist less polish. Also go for metallic colors form the design it pops out the best. For the $9.99 plus tax that I paid for it was totally worth it. I will be looking in to the Konad plates for designs.

    PS: if you got to Rite Aid the Sally polish is buy one get one!

  36. I ordered this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. That was on 12/07/11. It is now 1/17/12 and it still hasn’t shipped. When you try to cancel online, it gives you a number to call. The number has a recorded message that tells you to go online and hangs up. I finally found a number to reach an actual person, but the woman (who could barely speak English) kept insisting that I dont cancel the order (on a product that still has yet to ship) and they would give me a 30 day money back guarantee and only charge me half for shipping. I had to forcefully tell the woman that she WILL cancel my order and my credit card WILL NOT be charged. I was going to buy it for my daughter at my local drug store, but now I will not be giving that company any of my business. I’d rather pay to take my daughter to a salon. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM.

  37. Public Service Announcement: All of you should have purchased the product from Sally’s beauty supply (if purchasing online). Konad is very professional, but stop lying about being slightly higher…You have to purchase everything separately including the plates. Unless you buy the kits with can run from 24 bucks and up. Don’t get me wrong, Konad is the ish, but lets keep it completely real here its not slightly higher than Salon Express, its much more than that. Also everyone complaining about it not sticking:File the applier so that the polish can adhere to it…If you read other comments you would have known that. Instead of complaining read through the comments people. Now back to your scheduled programming. (side eye)

  38. I ordered this about 2 weeks ago and I was charged for things I didn’t even confirm on buying, I checked my order and it said I ordered the entire thing, such as the 8 piece manicure set/French manicure disk, and a carrying case? and more, those weren’t even mentioned on the site and their sending them, I was charged over $40 for this nail kit when I was only supposed to be charged what they were advertising, I am very unhappy about this, I went to the customer service page at the bottom of the salon express website to cancel it and I called the number it gave me and it sent me back to the site that says to call that number, I want to cancel my order…any help please?

  39. I didn’t think it worked at first either…until I filed the stampers with a fingernail file. It helped the polish adhere to the stamp. Now if I could just do it straight…

  40. I recently ordered this product and they sent me 3 orders that I did not even click submit for and charged my account an extra $215!! I have refused the package. It shows they did receive it. They have had it for a while now and have not given me a credit to my account for the returned product. Does anyone have any advice?

    • just give the extra ones to your friend or someone don’t think of it as a bad thing think of it as an advantage to do some thing good to give to people that don’t have what you have just keep that in mind.

  41. I got this Salon Express for Christmas from my mother, I am 16, and I have been sitting here numerous times trying to figure this piece of junk out. For one thing I did take the film off because that’s slightly obvious, no offense, and even after using many different nail polishes it does not work. The stamper never picks up the design after you scrape it. The only time it picks up anything is when you don’t scrape off any of the nail polish (perfect) =/ I’ve tried probably over 20 different nail polishes, I have tried different techniques of scraping, tried putting an excessive amount of nail polish on to ensure that the crevices were all filled, I even tried putting a small amount – not one of the things I have tried work. I wish I hadn’t of gotten this to be honest, and before I even opened the packaging I was skeptical. Although I believe this to be a piece of (pardon my language) shit, I think I may try a few more times before it hits the bottom of my trash can. Over all I am very disappointed and I honestly would not recommend this to anyone ever.

  42. For those of you who are wishing you didn’t buy it, there is another company that has been selling the same concept for years and is TONS better!!! Bundle Monster and its competitor KONAD are way better quality! If you are deciding between they two, Bundle Monster is slightly cheaper. Both give you the stamper and the scraper and WAY more discs! Go online and look on reviews if you aren’t convinced yet.Good day and good luck with getting your money back from these scammers):

    • O agree totally with you. I think Konad is the best pricey but you get what you paid for the Salon Express is some crap!!

  43. Salon Express is NOT worth buying. it is messy and not a well made product and it does not work well at all. I bought it for my step daughters and myself to try and we all agreed that it is messy and the stencils get gunked up and so does the scraping tool.. beware!!

    • It will work best if you clean everything with nail polish remover. Also, the scraper will scrape better if you scrape it with the words facing you.

  44. This product turned out to be nothing like it looks on television. It’s very difficult to scrape the excess nail polish of the disc. The “sponge” that’s used to transfer the design on to the nail is made of rubber, causing it to be very slippery on the nail-bed. You also need to be super quick when doing the whole process or the polish dries. Completely disappointed!

  45. I bought this Salon Express at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I haven’t tried it yet, but I only paid $7.98 no shipping. It did not come with the french manicure disk, but the other designs are nice and you can do alot with them (mix and match). Would be a nice gift for any female young or old, who like to have their nails done. Easy to use and lots of fun.

  46. My grand-daughter got this and I feel so bad for her, she said nanny its junk, now what should the poor little girl do, help

    • Try bundle monster/ konad. They might be a tad bit more expensive but when you get them on sale, they are cheep. Great quality and way better!!! (:

  47. Hello! I bought Salon Express for my daughter for her birthday and it was nothing close to a waste of money! Although it doesn’t say so in the instructions, remove the blue cover from the disc. We used our normal nail polish and it worked great, but thicker polish does work a little better.

    If you’re looking for a good Christmas/ birthday present for a niece/daughter/ mom or any female friend, this is a great idea! My daughter now paints her nails every Sunday.

  48. I WISH I would have found this before I called to order salon express. I ordered it a few days ago. My total came to $46.99. The man offered multiple offers which I clearly declined all of them. My debit card has been charged the agreed on amount then was charged $400.00 from a overseas travel agency, $5.00 for some motel offer and several others. I wish I could get a hold of these bastards! I am filing a affidavits of fraud tomorrow against them. Hopefully I can get my money back

  49. I bought the Salon Express kit at K-Mart. It works great although the french tip disc doesn’t come with it. It works great and was only $9.99 at the store.

  50. Like many other, I got screwed through this company. I never got a page to confirm my total fact I never even saw a place where it said my total. I went on eBay to find one cheaper and did so I went ahead and ordered two off there. When I went to my email I saw that I had an email from salon express saying my order was being processed. So now I have 4 of these salon express kits ordered. I was on hold for a half hour then finally a rep answered. They said my order has been cancelled and that my bank account will not be charged. They lady was very nice when I explained what happened and gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I had to call the actual Ontel Products number then they transferred me to Salon Express. The number is 973-439-9000.

  51. What a scam. I was going to order the product online. Placed my order for 3 kits (which should have been $30.00 + s/h… well friends it was not. After they added the s/h to the $30.00 it was almost $72.00. And on the page which shows the s/h charge it has continue. Which leads you to think you have to confirm the order. So I backed out thinking they are crazy for thinking people will pay this price on s/h. Well to my amazement I received an email telling me that the order was being processed — without me confirming it. I tried and tried to contact them by phone and email. Nothing… so if you are going to purchase this product do so at a store…. I will do my best to stay away from anything made by ONTEL PRODUCTS in the future. They are dishonest and thieves.

  52. I tried purchasing only the nail kit and not the “free” manicure set with the extra $6.99 S/H. My debit card was automatically charged before I could cancel the order. Seems to be a scam & I’ll return the kit if I’m not reimbursed!

  53. OK I’m going to take my chances & buy mine at CVS. My question is…do the KONAD design plates work with the Salon Express? 40 designs is a lot but I’m sure at some point ill get tired of the same ones over and over again. THANKS =)

  54. Does anyone have the salon express billing department phone number?? I have been on hold for OVER an hour! I NEVER completed the order that I was going to place and last night I got an email with a confirmation number and order number!! I just want my money back! I don’t want to receive this product AT ALL!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

  55. Works great. remove the blue colored film prior to trying it or it will not work. Don’t order online…rite aid has it for $9.99 and with the rite aid frequent shopper card you can save 10%-20% off the $9.99 price. I got mine for $7.99 and have been doing all the kids nails with it,. Effortless…just be sure to take the blue film sticker off plate or it will not work as the nail polish wont get into the grooves of design which is how the stamp will be made and stick on the roller.

  56. I did a review and video tutorial on my channel! I love it that is affordable and great to use! I do highly recommend it to friends and co-workers and to all for a actually fun way to do nail art! My step-daughter loves it ans I got a kit for her and two of her friends! Its a blessing to be able to afford items like Salon Express and work too! I just really wanted to say thanks and I hope more plates to the system become available soon!

  57. I’m so glad I found this review! I was going to get this for my niece for Christmas!! I won’t say it’s crap but if it’s alot of work, I’m good she is only 5.. I don’t want her to get upset b/c it didn’t come out right the first time! So thanks but no thanks 🙂

  58. Hello,

    I was so excited to order this Salon Express product, I ordered it online and I ordered two, one for my sister and one for me. Well at the end after I had put my credit card info, it came up to the total of $157.00. I was not expecting this price at all, after all it said it is only $10.00 + s&h. I know that for two it would not have been $157.00. Well I cancelled it, but they keep on calling me about some costumer appreciation, they claim I won 100 worth of gas. All they need is my credit card number to verify. ( Whatever). I am glad I got to read all these reviews, I just hope they return my money.

    • I was shocked by the price at the end too. Some how I actually “bought” two without even realizing it. They didn’t even give you a chance to review your order before placing it. Did your account ever get charged or did you cancel before then?

  59. Wow. Buncha geniuses. Start by using common sense and removing the blue protective film. Then, follow instructions. Use a dark polish over a light base or a light polish over a dark base. Again, common freaking sense. If it doesn’t work, you’re doing it wrong. I use Konad, Bundle Monster and these plates and they all work just fine. Just takes practice. If you think a product will give you perfect nail art, you deserve to be duped anyway. As with something as simple as applying polish ( you know, neatly instead of slopped on and all over your cuticles), it takes practice and you won’t master it right away. Took me a few days and I am a nail artist for Christ sakes! These reviews are why I hate dealing with people. Everyone expects the product to do it all while you put no effort into it. But if you’re not even smart enough to take the plastic off the plates, I doubt you’d be able to create a decent nail stamp Mani anyway. You can tell that the protective film won’t create an image on the nail since it’s flat. And you watched the infomercial. Did you see a blue film on those discs? Do you also try to out gas in your car without removing the gas cap? Jesus! Only in America can people bitch, whine, and demand a refund because they’re too stupid to use the product.

    • Please don’t be so mean to people. You are a nail stylist? You have customers? Are you that mean to them? TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Wow.

      Hey Peeps out there!!! Hi. I bought an expensive version of this called konad. It is the same concept. It did take me about 20 minutes of practice. Here are a few tips.

      Seems if I did it too slow it wouldn’t transfer correctly. They are a lot of fun to have. Just practice a few times. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


      • In response to the ‘nail artist’ wack job, I think its funny that she’s ranting about other stupid people and she typed ‘and do you try to out (instead of put) gas in your car without removing the gas cap?’ lol Guess she’s not perfect either. But dont tell her, she may go on another unproductive rant. 🙂

        • Business must be real slow for her, or either her life is so miserable that she has nothing better to do than to put people down this way.

    • Well, Messa, excuse me for questioning YOUR genius, since obviously you’re so high above the rest of us, (And by the way, that was sarcasm in case you didn’t get that.) but some people have jobs and lives, and they don’t have the time to spend hours trying to figure out the perfect technique to get their bought product to work as advertised. Some people just don’t have the patience, or get discouraged easily.

      Secondly, it goes deeper than human error. A lot of people here are getting ripped off for way more money than this is worth, and having trouble getting reimbursed. So apparently there IS in fact, some level of product trickery going on.

    • Missa-If you had actually read the vast majority of the reviews on this product, people weren’t complaining about the product itself or how easy or hard it was to use. They were complaining about being ripped off by the company when they tried to order by phone or on-line.

      So when you use the phrase buncha geniuses-look in the mirror there genius. Pot meet kettle.

    • Missa, I completely agree with you. These people have obviously never bought any kind of technology, as it all has some sort of protective film, and it’s a pretty obvious thing. The commercials AND the box show SILVER disks, not blue, and how would any thinking person expect an obviously FLAT disk to have any kind of effect? It never ceases to amaze me how dull people can be. As far as getting scammed by the company, that’s just one more thing that shows lack of common sense – is it really common? The vast majority of these “As Seen On” companies are scams. Far better to avoid the risk and the shipping fees and pick the things up at reputable stores. I picked one of these up at WalMart for $10 – no shipping, no waiting -was brilliant enough to immediately recognize the protective film, and had it work beautifully. It doesn’t matter how good a product is when operator error is involved. I don’t think you were mean at all. Just honest and shocked at how people don’t use their brains anymore. Also, someone actually had the gall to attack you because you made a typo? Like they are so perfect and NEVER hit a wrong key without noticing. Unbelievable.

    • Missa,
      Time to find a new line of work. You should not be dealing with the public with that attitude. I consider myself smart, and it took me a few times to realize the blue film had to be removed. This should have been included in the instructions and is the fault of the manufacturer.

      Don’t judge! Just because people didn’t figure this out right away, does not mean they are not using their brains. It should have been included in the instructions or had a more obvious way of removing the film.

  60. I would like to know when I will receive my nail kit the number of the order is :12784013. I am traveling tonight.


  61. Don’t get discouraged with all these bad reviews online. This is a very good quality product, which I just bought at my Rite Aid tonight. It cost me $9.99. I’ve been playing around with it for about 10 minutes now, and I’ve got it down pat. Here are some tips.

    1. Obviously, remove the blue protective coating on the plates. This is on there so they don’t get scratched. How would it work if the polish couldn’t get into the etchings? It’s not in the instructions because it’s common sense.

    2. I used regular Wet N Wild polish, thickness doesn’t really matter because this polish is relatively new and it works wonderful. I’ll be using a top coat anyways.

    3. Make sure you coat the entire design and that it gets into the etchings completely.

    4. Drag the scraper across, making sure to scrape any excess that might get touched by the stamper. This will make the stamper slide. Drag it until all you see is the design, it might take two swipes. Don’t drag it so much that the paint comes out of the design. It kind of defeats the whole purpose. Hold it at about a 45 degree angle.

    5. On a hard surface press directly down onto the design, and then roll it across your finger. SIMPLE.

    6. I cleaned the plate after each nail. Regular nail polish remover is what you use. It gets all the dried polish out and the next time you stamp it makes a flawless design. I’ve done all ten nails and haven’t screwed up once. All you need is a steady hand.

    I cannot believe that people would order this over the phone or online. Anyone with a brain knows that products come right into stores a couple of months after they’re on TV. $9.99, no shipping or processing, or return hassles. I will not be returning this anyways. It’s great!

    • Thank you for this explanation I was really getting mad at first cause it didn’t come out and then I went to search how to use it but it looks the only thing I need to do is take that green plastic thing 😛 thank you you helped me alot..

    • Hey after your comment I have finally decided to buy it. I was going to order it, but because you said they have it in stores I’ve changed my mind. I was wondering if you knew if there were any stores in Los Angeles of San Fran?? Thanks so much for your advice. By the way if you buy it in the store do you get the French manicure plate and the manicure set??


  62. I am wondering if this works just like the konads nail stamp kit – I do know it takes practice to use and get it right we will see.

  63. I just wanted to let you all know that I absolutely love my nail stamp!!! Yes it doesn’t say so in the instruction’s, but remove the blueish protection cover on the nail design disk’s, I found this out by checking reviews because mine wasn’t working & that was why. Also if you take your time and use a thicker polish it definitely work’s…it’s really hard to find cool decals anymore & I just want to say it’s not a waste f money…..thanks & god bless :o)

  64. Please do not order this Salon Express product. The nail scraper doesn’t remove anything, the image from the stamp comes out smudged when you transfer it and needless to say it looks like an ink blot test on your nails. I should’ve canceled my order the moment their telemarketers started calling me with all these other product offers that I never asked about, telling me I had to call when the flyers arrived so I wouldn’t get billed? Not worth the headache! Save it for a product that actually delivers on its promise!

  65. I just got Salon Express today, and like everything, it takes practice. Like Penny said you have to take off the blue plastic on the discs. I used Confetti nail polish, which you can get from the drug store for 2 dollars….When you use the scraper thingy..well, when I used it…I kept it straight up, like perpendicular to the plate. It doesn’t look perfect, but it did work. Just gonna take some practice…and perhaps better nail polish lol. Good luck everyone.

    • I removed the blue plastics right after opening (I’m smart like that!) It still doesn’t work! I first tried it with thinner nail polish and then read “works best with thicker” so I used thicker and put none of the stamp applicator. I got not even a whole design on the stamper with the thinner polish… the thing is retarded!! I don’t have time to fiddle for hours and hours with a stupid plastic nail kit that claims to work on tv…should have known it was ALL a scam!

      I was also very upset because I ordered the bonus with it for $6.99 s+h more and didn’t even get the same french manicure plate that they advertised you get with it. I got some french manicure plate with designs and all that crap on it… I just wanted the straight white french manicure. So lets see…

      1. It’s a piece of crap.
      2. They lie!
      3. They are terrible when it comes to customer service!!

  66. It works perfectly. You have to remove the blue plastic from the metal discs. It will not work if you don’t remove it.

  67. Piece of junk is what it is. I actually thought it might work due to the fact I saw a live demonstration at a fair, boy was I wrong. Save your money people, also by not ordering you save yourself the hassle of dealing with telemarketers (?).

    • Are you sure it was salon express? Because they do demonstrate the $60 product of Konad stamp kits (the original maker of nail stamps) they actually do work! But I don’t want to spend that kind of money, when I can freehand designs on my nails with nail polish and a toothpick, just a lot of time and work to do! lol

    • If you saw a demonstration at the fair clearly it worked because they demonstrated the design going on to the nail. This product is not for people who do not have the patience to practice and get it right.

  68. Really…. Wow I was just about to order it. I was so excited when I seen the ad! So glad I read these reviews!!! What a scam! Thanks for sharing.

  69. Ok so anyone who is interested in getting that Salon Express Stamper Nail Kit… listen up! I order one of those online, then waited about 2 weeks for it to get here… just came today and I was so excited… then I went to try it out and it is a piece of crap!!!! It doesn’t do what it claims at all! You are supposed to use thicker nail polish and so I used different ones and it doesn’t scrape off in one swoop (as it claims to do), and none of the image transfers to the stamper… I am just irritated!!! Don’t waste your money!!!!! Very disappointed in this product and will be returning it!

    • My daughter and I were so excited when we saw Salon Express advertised on tv. We finally got it in the mail and it is a piece of CRAP!! I too tried all kinds of nail polish and nothing worked. You scrape the nail polish off and there is nothing left on the design plate. I will be returning mine too. Everybody else out there, do not waste your money. Another thing, a couple of days after I ordered I received a call from Salon Express and was kept on the phone for almost 30 mins with them asking me all types of questions. Be sure to check your credit card statement.

      • They are supposed to be sending my return label today for the 2nd time of me asking… this company is no good and don’t waste your money!!! WARN ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!

        • I am currently waiting on the refund of my money… sent it back 2 weeks ago! This company is horrible when it comes to customer service!!

          • Hi Heather, I use Konad and I couldn’t get it to work the first time either. There are several tricks though, I use pure acetone on my stamper. It creates a sticky adhesive. Sally Insta Dri polish works great. You can also lightly file the stamper which I have not tried. My sister bought this kit at rite aid and she says she uses the pure acetone on it and it works like Konad. Hope that helps while you are waiting for your refund.

  70. I would like to cancel my order for salon express. I have been on hold for 57 minutes when I got disconnected. Is this a legitimate company?

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