Salon Express EZ View REVIEW

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About Salon Express EZ View

Nail Art is a gorgeous way to enhance your look and show off your personality, but salon nail treatments are expensive and DIY kits are messy. You need Salon Express EZ View.

What is Salon Express EZ View?
The Salon Express EZ View claims to be stress-free, mess-free, fast, easy, full-proof way to stamp your way to beautiful nails.

How to use Salon Express EZ View?
Just apply your favorite polish, scrape off the excess and stamp it on your nail.

How does it work?

The manufacturer claims that the secret of the Salon Express EZ View is in the stamper with look-through glass. Because you can see through the stamper, your design will land always where you want it. Use the Salon Express EZ View stamper for the plain nails for understated look, or layer on multiple colors to show of your wild side. Match your manicure to your favorite dress or get a perfect pedi for a pool side party. You don’t have to be a nail artist to get professional results with Salon Express EZ View, you are guaranteed to get perfect stamp everytime.


Salon Express EZ View Price
The Salon Express EZ View is priced at $14.99 + $6.99 P&H at the official website: | You get:

  • 2 Salon Express EZ Stampers
  • 2 Scrapers
  • 10 Design Plates
  • 2 French Tips Plates


Salon Express EZ View REVIEW

Salon Express EZ View is an improved version of the original “Salon Express” introduced to the “As Seen On TV” in 2011. The improved version of the Salon Express as a “see through” glass stamper that lets you see where you are stamping the image. But does the new improvement make the Salon Express any better than the previous version. Even the earlier Salon Express was not a favorite “Nail Art Stamper” amongst its users. The biggest SINGLE issue (and the only one) is that it is vary hard to “pick” the image with the glass stamper and many customers have found it very frustrating to use. Also the tip of the Salon Express EZ View stamper is super hard and is unable to mold to the contour of your nail when you stamp it. Here are a few excerpt from a user reviews:

“I have lost the count of how many times I tried to use it correctly, it just did not work” – Complains Maurine Hall in her review.

“The plates are really cheap and the stamper does not transfer the image to your nail, I have watched all the youtube videos” and still could not get my stamper to work properly” – Frances Lyons

“No matter how careful I am, it always ends up in smearing the polish” – Kaley Ellison


Salon Express EZ View Verdict

Salon Express EZ View is not the only nail art stamper. Salon Express did try to up their game by introducing an upgrade but the issue still persist thus making it difficult to use.

The alternative to it is Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper. You can get Konad Nail Art on for $6.20. This product has received 4.2 star ratings along with 1485 customer reviews which is the significant part to go through before buying any products since the reviews helps in knowing how the products really work as they are from the verified purchasers. The customers are quite happy with the working of Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper and so majority of the reviews are positive. We would recommend this stamper for anyone who wants to do Nail stamping since the results are awesome and this product is totally worth the price and will make stamping a breeze.

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  1. can i get free stamping kit plz i wanna try your product and in turn i will advertise your brand on different sites or social media

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