Joan Rivers’ Right to Bare Legs Review

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Flirty, fun and fashionable…Bare Legs are hot. Now you can show off your sexy legs with Joan River’s Right to Bare Legs. Sun damage, spider veins, birthmarks and bruises and tattoos and more will disappear right in front of your eyes. Right to Bare Legs can take your legs from oh! no! to oh! my! Its fast, easy to use and it works. Other products act as a thick mask, they are messy and don’t look natural. But with Joan River’s Right to Bare Legs your legs will look like airbrushed to perfection.


Joan Rivers’ Right to Bare Legs
The secret is Joan’s Translucent Derma Technology that effectively conceals spider veins, birthmarks, sunspots, birthmarks and even tattoos and allows your own skin to glow through. With Joan’s unique sponge applicator means Right to Bare Legs goes on smoothly, evenly and quickly every single time. It is waterproof and sweatproof. Wear it to the pool with confidence and don’t worry about your most expensive clothes because Right to Bare Legs won’t rub off till you wash it off.

Right to Bare Legs comes in 3 shades

  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Tan

Right To Bare Legs

How is the Right to Bare Legs cream used?
Clean and hydrate your skin and apply the product quickly and evenly, as it sets almost immediately.

Is the product waterproof?
Yes. It is waterproof and sweat-proof. It doesn’t smudge so you can wear it while playing sports or even swimming.

How is Right to Bare Legs removed?
It comes off easily with soap and warm water.

Does the product include SPF?

Can Sunscreen lotion be applied over the Right to Bare Legs cream?
Sunscreen, SPF, or cream should be applied before applying Right to Bare Legs.

Is the cream hypo-allergenic?
It is recommended to read the ingredients before use to conclude if you are allergic to any of it.

What skin types is it good for?
The cream works effectively on all skin types – normal, oily or dry.

What kinds of skin flaws does it conceal?
It is a corrective concealer formulated to mask leg or body imperfections like scars, age spots, spider veins, freckles, beauty marks, tattoos, bruises, and birthmarks.

Does the Right to Bare Legs smudge on clothing?
Though Right to Bare Legs sets instantly one must wait at least 10 minutes before wearing clothing.

How soon does the application dry?
It dries almost instantly after application so one must apply it quickly and evenly. It takes 10 minutes to completely set in.

Does it effectively hide stretch marks?
The corrective concealer is perfect for concealing skin flaws like freckles, age spots, scars, birthmarks, beauty marks, spider veins, bruises, and tattoos.

Does it hide imperfections on other body parts apart from the legs?
Yes, you can apply it on the arms, back, neck, and tummy too after choosing the tone that matches your skin color.

Will Right to Bare Legs cause my skin reactions?
Consult your skin specialist or physician if you are sensitive to certain ingredients included in the Right to Bare Legs cream.

How is the Right to Bare Legs cream applied?
Clean your skin and apply the cream on hydrated skin for best coverage. Since the cream sets in immediately after application you need to apply it quickly and evenly.

How much cream do you need for full coverage?
You can start by applying a small pea sized amount which may or may not increase depending on the extent of the skin imperfection.

What is the right shade of the cream for me?
There are three shades available. Fair for pale and alabaster skin tones, Medium for nude skin that has a pink undertone or easily tanning skin and Tan which is perfect for people with deep tanned skin, or African American skin tones.

Does application after shaving irritate the skin?
Though the Right to Bare Legs is not known irritate the skin when applied after shaving, it is suggested to read the ingredient list first to know if it contains ingredients that you know may cause irritation on applying right after shaving.

How long does the coverage last?
Until you wash it off or bathe with soap and water.

Can the Right to Bare Legs cream be used on a daily basis?
Yes, you can use it as often as you want.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy?
Have your physician assess the ingredients if you have any concerns about them.

Does the cream pass onto furniture, clothing or another person on contact?
Apply as per the instructions and it won’t transfer onto clothing, furniture or another person.

Is it necessary to use setting powder after application?
You don’t have to use the setting powder after applying since the cream dries quickly.



What do I get?

  • Two 3oz. tubes of Right to Bare Legs cover-up.
  • One 6 oz. Right to Bare Legs 30-Day Supply.

Enroll in to Joan’s Right to Bare Legs Club absolutely FREE! Every two months you will get 60-day supply of BOTH Right to Bare Legs and the Moisturizer, at the special members-only price of just $29.99 per month plus shipping. With this hassle-free membership you can easily customize your Club Shipments or cancel at any time by calling us at 973-287-5164. This number will also be included in your package.

This product is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, less S&H. Orders in NJ, NY, CT, NV and PA will be charged sales tax. If you have questions about your order, please contact at 973-287-5164. from 8am to 9pm Monday through Friday ET Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm ET.

Or visit to see the current status of your order at anytime. Canadian orders will be charged an additional $5 shipping surcharge.

Please Visit The Official Website



Joan Rivers’ Right to Bare Legs Video


76 thoughts on “Joan Rivers’ Right to Bare Legs Review

  1. After reading the reviews of this product, I’m glad I didn’t pay more 4.24 for two tubes of this product, I hope when it does rub off, that it doesn’t look worse than what it was before I put this stuff on my legs and thighs..True Joan River’s should be ashamed of herself with endorsing this product on TV, and making people loose their hard earned money on a cheap scam……Sorry to the people who were scammed, we have all been scrammed in different ways on all these products that these people promote, and take everyone’s money, without any possible way of returning products for a full refund on crap that doesn’t meet our individual needs…….

  2. I bought two of the right to bare legs, it worked almost immediately, but I had to apply the product a few times to get a matching coat that didn’t look artificial……It does leave your skin with a filmy mask, that I hope will subside with the feeling of having this mask on my legs and thighs, and no matter how much I washed these areas, I still have this uncomfortable feeling, please tell it will go away, and that I can have this bare leg feeling, like I was born to be rid of the age spots, freckles, to name a few…..Thanks Joan…………

  3. WOW…If you deal with these people…open your purse and get ready for a big rip-off.

    I placed an order in June for the Right to Bare Legs (Fair). I had confidence I would be refunded if it did not work for me. Like so many, I was drawn into the quantity scheme and I ended up with two orders of the product in and I also allowed for the cream to be added. My credit card was charged $100.89 on June 19, 2012.

    I received the product…opened the box…tried the color and it was less than adequate. One tube of fair was all I opened. I felt it completely not for me. I placed the tube back in the box along with the other unopened tubes, sealed the box and returned the product with a shipping cost to me of $17.52.

    If you do the math…you will see I had invested $118.41 for this product.

    On July 17th, my credit was refunded $34.98.

    Essentially, I paid $83.43 for the privilege to receive open and extract an amount of the Joan Rivers’ product…. (An amount the equivalent of a small pea).

    I hope I have learned a lesson from this costly misjudgment. My hope is that many of you will read my comment. If you don’t have the money to spend on what the lady at the 973-287-5164 phone number calls “processing and handling charges”, then you also have the opportunity to learn from my mistake.

  4. I ordered this product May 28, 2012. It is June 18th, 3 weeks later. I called today and the representative said the product was shipped this morning and it will still take 5-7 business days before it arrives. WTH? Also, when you call to order this product, they will try to push about 7 (no lie) different offers on you – magazine subscriptions, additional bottles of this stuff, travel, vacations, etc. Can I just get what I called for? I SHOULD’VE PURCHASED THIS FROM BED BATH AND BEYOND.

  5. I haven’t tried it yet but the product has good reviews on Youtube.

    They sell this product at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can also order it off of BB&B website.

    Medium I believe is for A.A and people who tan.

    I just want it to cover up my stretch marks and spotted stretch marks on my hips from carrying my daughter.

    I suggest purchasing the product this route because you won’t be enrolled in the club.
    Also, its a great way to see if it works well for you.

    I’ll try to remember to post my resolute 🙂


  6. My bank had be do and affidavit and it may take a couple of days It doesn’t matter. I will get my money back. Check with your bank.

    • try IGIA Instant Cover its way better!! right to bare legs is terrible!!! its so sticky like honey on your legs no one can even touch you!!! it smells all day and drys so fast you cant get a even spread do not like right to bare legs at all!!! IGIA Instant Cover is a lot better not as water-proof though.

  7. I was excited when I seen the commercial for Right to bare legs, and couldn’t wait to receive it. Although, it took almost 2 weeks to get and I even paid extra for Fed X delivery!)

    I was very disappointed with the product.. not only does it look bad, it didn’t even attempt to cover up a small tattoo on my ankle. I tried it a few different times to experiment with it , but it still looked bad.

    There is no phone number or information included on how to return it either… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT WASTING YOUR MONEY!!

    • Thank God I did not order this after reading all of these reviews! This is terrible and I feel bad for those that got scammed! I don’t have time to deal with trying to obtain refunds and cancel memberships…this is so disappointing because the infomercial and website seem so convincing! Be sure to read all of these reviews before buying…there isn’t a single good review out of the first 50 that I read!

  8. I was scammed. Only asked for two tubes of the leg consealers. Was sent four. Charged $98.80. I tried the cream and it changed my skin orange. Called to cancell my order and I got a big run arround by the coustomer service rep who could not speak very good english. He told me to keep the products even after my telling him it turned skin orange. I wanted my refund returned. We the refund came and it was only for$38.04. What a rip off. Joan rivers should be ashamed of her self for being a spokesperson for this product. I will alert my friends not to use this product. Shame on you.


    B E W A R E !
    They lied to me on the phone about my order. They say you have 24-48 hours to correct order. I called 4 times after order on the first day and he put me off telling me it had not gone through yet. Finally, I was told to call the next morning….guess what, they said it had already been shipped.

    This is not full detail, but enough maybe to let you know not to trust them. They lied to me


  10. Product sucks. Canceled order via email they sent but they still want more money. Sent billing to a collection agency but never sent a bill directly to my address where they shipped the product. Coincidentally, the credit card # used to buy the product was used by someone in Canada a few days later to make $2000 in fraudulent charges. I’m not saying I had a ton of respect for Joan going into this but it is completely gone now.

  11. This Right to Bare Legs does not work. It does not go on smoothly and it does rub off ruining my skirt. There cheaper products at the chain stores that work better. The shipping charge and my return postage cost me $20 and I have no merchandise! DO NOT BUY INTO THIS!!

    • Totally agree with you. Used it the first time waiting the amount of minutes suggested. It still went all over my clothes. I purchased the fair color. It did not apply on evenly or look natural at all. My legs looked like a dead person’s legs. Would not recommend this product. I just called to receive my money back guarantee. Now I need to ship it back at my expense and wait for them to receive it before it is credited back to my account.

  12. Stay away from this program. They forget to mention in their ad, that future shipments, after your first, will cost you like $80 – $84.00, secretly billed to your credit card in two installments. Which basically means you pay $40-$42.00 a month. Yep, that’s right, $80 for 2 tubes of cover up and 1 tube of moisturizer! I wish I would have found this website before I joined the rest of the scammed victim’s!

  13. I have a big complaint against Joan Rivers Right To Bare Legs. They got money from my credit card without my authorization..I already reported them my bank. They charged me shipping and handling 3x. I returned the product and they delivered a 2 month supply again in than less 60 days, returned again and charged me again for shipping and handling. This is not right ..already reported them to consumer complaint and also Rip-off report complaint. These guys are stealing money..we are already poor and getting more because of the companies like these.


      Hello all. I have read the majority of the comlaints here and most seem to deal with refunding issues, order issues, or the product itself. The major thing is to BE NICE, yet do not sound like an airhead. Sound smart and informed! In street terms ( Sound like you know your crap!)

      Ok, first of all, you MUST LISTEN AND READ CAREFULLY. They are salesmen. So ask questions.. and if it’s too confusing, do not buy. NEVER buy any products just from reading the site. Always call the number for more information.. Because the more you know, the better off you are. From reading some of the stories, I can tell you off top that you probably won’t get your money back because of the “details/rules” of when you purchase it. Ok, so for the refunding and order issues. If you ordered the product and they sent you a box with 1 tube of moisterizer and 2 tubes of RTBL product, then basically you signed up to receive a reoccuring order of the product every 2 months. (That’s why you were able to get the first box at a discounted price), However it’s the same as buying 1 every month.. no big deal. Basically it saves them shipping money. If you do not want the second order, you must call within 30 days to cancel it. If it arrives and you do not want it, call the customer service number (the one I called has since been disconnected but there is another one, so look at the righttobarelegs website) then return the package to your post office and tell the post office that you REJECT the package. (REJECT, NOT RETURN). When you reject it, you do NOT have to pay shipping and it will be sent back to the sender. Now, when the sender RTBL refunds your money, they are going to probably refund only a part of it. No problem.. Stay cool. calm, and nice. Once this happens, call them and tell them that only a part of it was refunded and they will then go ahead and refund the rest. (they will pull up your order by the telephone number, so use the same number.) Remain nice. Also, tell them that you plan to purchase more in the near future but you didn’t want a reoccurring order. They will tell you some little lame excuse but non the less they will refund and thank you. Remain nice and do your “Oh no they di’int” talk AFTER the call. The goal is to get your money back. if you yell, fuss and cuss, you make it that much harder for yourself. Who wants to help a person who is giving major attitude. even if they are right. The customer service reps are probably different than the ones you placed the order with anyway, so they don’t want to be on the end of your verbal assault. Being nice she will probably find a way to get your money. Anyhow, next…

      The actual product.. The product has it’s yays and nays. I am a male and I bought the product to cover up scars from sports injuries and other rough and tough tumble as a kid. Boys didnt care about scars back then. But now. wheew. Anyhow, I only needed it for a trip this past October and also will need it for the summer seasons when I wear swimshorts. I told them this same info when I called to reject my order.. and I remained nice and even jokingly I said (“i don’t wear skirts throughout the year so I only need it in the summer for my itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini.) Anyhow, there is an ART to putting the product on. 1 way is that you can dab a little from the container and then use the applicator to evenly apply it all over your legs. for the scars/blemishes etc that are still showing through, put a little of the product and then use the applicator to blot, not rub. blot blot blot till the color blends. also for any streaks… just blot them to blend them in. The “fast drying” speech they give is true but it doesnt dry that fast. The time it takes to apply it depends on the number of scars etc that you are trying to conceal and also the magnitude of the scar etc. Yes it can be a lot of work, but being beautiful is a blessing and a curse and it does takes work sometimes to stay beautiful. I used the TAN color and I am a light brown american/brazilian mixed guy. It worked fairly well and honestly I think it’s the best concealer i’ve found up to date. That expensive crap from the make up companies are too much for too little and leaves no room for errors. Plus I dont have to go mess around in those makeup isles looking lost and confused.. having to tell my story to some strange woman named Trudy or Charlene before telling her what I am looking for and need help. Okay, so if the applicator isnt really working for you OR if the thing tears up like it did to me, then use your hands. it can be a little messy yet it’s equally effective. put a small amount in your hands and dab a little on different areas of the leg and then rub it on your legs in a way as though you are waxing a car. kind of a circular motion yet not quite. I guess like you are applying lotion but dont do it as firmly. repeat as needed. also for areas that still peak through the concealer.. use a little more product on that litte area and use the applicator (even if its broken) to blot blot blot.

      Now.. here is the bad part.. They SAY that it will not rub off on your clothes etc, but that’s only if you use the bare minimum and even then it will probably rub off. If you apply it thickly, it will definitely rub off on sheets, seats, etc. So, don’t plan to let anything come into contact with your legs especially if it’s white. If you plan on having… relations that night, then you will have to shower first.. ALONE. He/She might think that you went to go make sure you were extra fresh. Repeated wash with soap and water will remove it. I have tried ways to make it not rub off and I am pretty close. I can say that when I went swimming, it did not rub off. actually it looked better when my legs got wet. Ok so.. the way that I learned how to make it not rub off as much is by spraying some ” tanning spray” on it. I used Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanning Spray. It gives it a glossy shiney look and also kind of adds like an invisible protective layer. Now, the legs might feel dry to the touch.. but they will look very nice, healthy, and touchable. I think hairspray may even work too, but I havent tried that. (don’t want to go to the women’s isle unles it’s a must.) I think the the aceitate in these products kind of works at an invisible shield. You can probably even apply a light lotion to make them feel hydrated to the touch. Make sure the RTBL product has dried before you spray though, because the spray might make the RTBL product run. also, spray lightly.. kind of like mist.. don’t soak it. after you have sprayd your legs fully and let it dry.. touch a fairly hidden area of your leg to see what happens. then you can probably spray a little more to lock in the look of your legs. I know this sounds like a lot, and it is a lot when you consider that the product supposed to work on its own. however there is not a magical application to give you great legs yet.. so the fact that this is even close is a great thing in my opinion. Once again, being beautiful can be some hard work sometimes.. you just have to deal with it. If you have flaws you either FIX them or FLAUNT them. If you are okay with it then it doesnt matter if someone else isn’t okay with it. Most times we worry more about it than anyone else anyway, if not MORE. Anyway.. with all of this, rememeber that you want the legs to lok natural/nice looking.. so when doing all of this to your legs, you have t keep in mind that they dont need to look too fake. if you pile on too much stuff too thickly, people will know it’s makeup. kind oflike makeup on the face. I see women who look liek circus clowns with thick makeup. faces are complete different color than their necks. lol. Hot mess. Dont do that to your legs.. and stop ding it to your faces. We’d rather see wrinkles and blemishes than Bozo and Krusty the Clown. 🙂

      • This comment was very helpful thank you Joao…I should of look out for reviews before buying I just got charged $100.89 instead of $19.95 + s&h like they say on the infomercial. So now I have to wait till tomorrow Monday so I could get answers ughhh I don’t know if canceling would be any good just have to wait and see. Liked how you ended comment 😀 LMAO.

  14. I purchased the Right to Bare Legs thinking this would be great for the summer since I don’t go in the sun. I found it hard to apply evenly even after applying moisturizer. The shade was a little to dark (I ordered medium). I received another supply and did not request it. Apparently you join the club when you trial order and they just keep coming and they keep billing you $42.00 a month. I sent it back and requested my club membership be cancelled. I paid to ship it back and they kept $20.00 for shipping. It’s a rip off. I am not paying anymore money toward Joan’s next face lift.

  15. I only wanted 1 bottle for special occasions, was told I had to purchase recurring shipments monthly, but could call back & cancel @ a later time. I called back to cancel, but when I saw I was charged again, I called again. They said order already shipped. I returned the 2nd order unopened, but the insisted on charging S&H for 2 extra orders they claim was in the 1 box. It took forever to get my refund. Customer Service tells you it’s processed. A week later, you call back, it wasn’t processed. Only tried it around the house to see. It comes of on clothes, furniture, and bedding, and I did use the moisturizer given. It’s difficult to apply with the applicator attached to the bottle. The sponge comes off 🙁 Shame on you Joan Rivers 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. I ordered this Joan Rivers Right to Bare Legs and after making the order, the operator spent the next 15 minutes trying to get me to buy or enroll in lots of different offers (not Joan Rivers product). She also said I would be automatically enrolled in recurring delivery every month. Told her I didn’t want that, and not to send product if that was mandatory. Had to call twice to get the product delivered, ( was attending a beach wedding) and found it to be sticky and horribly uncomfortable. Fortunately, I did a test run before the wedding. Didn’t bother to send it back, but noticed next month I received another. Called to cancel, and was told to ship back in box. I did. Said they didn’t get it, and this shipment was $75, not the original $35. When I put a notice about this on Joan’s Facebook page, suddenly the next day they had my package, and my account was credited…but they kept $16 for shipping. If this is how all her products are handled, I can’t believe she is still in business or ever gets repeat customers.

    • I had the EXACT same experience. I’m still working on getting any kind of refund. So far out about $100. I had to cancel my credit card just to make sure they didn’t continue to bill. STAY AWAY from this company!



  18. I just had a strange thing happen with the customer service regarding this Right to Bare Legs. When I ordered this product, it was not as simple as confirming payment info and address, etc., but had to listen to about 40 minutes of sales pitches for everything from “WOW you’ve been selected to win a cruise” to buying a coupon book, the list goes on and on. They just wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer.(should’ve known better at that point, eh?) Any way, decided to keep the product and cancel out of the program from receiving any future shipments,now here is the “strangeness” of this.. THEY WON’T LET ME!!. they say my husband has to cancel since his name is on the card. Another kicker?? This is MY card. my name, my billing/shipping. And they wont cancel without talking to my husband. Is this bull or what?? They didnt need to talk to him when the order was placed!! So now what do I do? It’ll get it canceled. Its gonna be a royal PIA, but you can bet I’ll never order from this company again! and how was your day?…

    • I found that this Right To Bare Legs was not a good product right away and called to cancel any more shipments but was too late it all ready shipped So I got billed again and when you get the order you don’t get any info on how to return it. Then while canceling it you get BS about winning a cruse so you get put off on someone else and you tell them NO I DON”T want this!!! Next thing you know you get charged 25 bucks for something you did not buy! Now they want me to send a letter to Consumer Affairs to get Further review of your of you refund request… No wonder she still has money! It is all a big rip off and I do give her credit for running such a scam. Takes brains for that you gotta say!

      So what do you think my chances of getting my $ back are? Hope this does not end up costing me more $$ somehow!If it does…I am not giving my approval understand!

  19. This is a scam, it doesn’t work, rubs off on furniture, my leather, everything. I did not know it was a member ship what a scam, I cant get anyone to respond or get through. I want my money back! How do we cancel I cant seem to cancel.

    • You are so right! It rubs off on everything. I have leather furniture too and it made a real mess. I have called them twice to cancel. Even though I told them from the start that I didn’t want the automatic shipping they did it anyway. And if you’re not careful you’ll get a charge on your cc for value membership. That’s an additional charge for just being in the “club”. Makes me so mad! Joan’s company employees have no integrity. They must be paid on commission for every extra they can get you to agree to. If you don’t agree they sign you up anyway.

      • OMG! I fell for this scam as well….four calls to customer service and $100 from my account later…and I’m still fighting with them! What a rip off and the kicker…the product is CRAP!! Please, if you’re reading this DO NOT ORDER from this company. They will rape you for every cent they can. I canceled on my first order in the same call because back-order was 8 weeks. Rep said, OK, it’s canceled. Then I receive a shipment a few weeks later. I called back, oh, yes, ma’am it’s canceled – Then I got ANOTHER shipment! Now they’re telling me I can’t cancel once the order is placed and I have to call back the next day to cancel… SCAM! I’ve never been so angry and dissatisfied with a company before.

  20. Okay…I have heard enough and I am decided not to buy this Right to Bare Legs…thanks to all for a good, real reviews

  21. I’m glad I read these Right to Bare Legs reviews — I just watched the infomercial and was about to order this product because it sounded so convincing. But I thought I’d google first to see if anyone has written about their experiences. It saved me a big headache! Thanks for all your posts! I definitely will NOT buy this program. Joan should rethink what she’s doing — but I recently read somewhere that she never says no to work offers–I guess her reputation doesn’t matter to her!

  22. I tried this Right to Bare Legs today and had a terrible experience. I observe the brush was falling off so I decided to apply the product with my hand. This product felt warm on my legs and did not cover the problem areas at all. Also I ordered the Tan but it looked slightly darker with hints of orange on my legs. I was disappointed with this product, it felt like warm wax on my legs and waited exactly one hour before putting on any clothing and it rubbed off on my clothes. Can you imagine paying extra for fast shipping and got a product that failed to do the job as advertised. Will be sending this product back and have no intention of paying any shipping cost.


    • I had the same problem with the applicator coming off. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I got a second box and immediately took it to the post office saying refused on the box.

  23. Bought this Right to Bare Legs with hopes of covering spider veins, varicose veins, brown spots, etc. First time I tried it (without using the moisturizer provided), it worked well. It hid enough of my blemishes and veins to make me feel it was worth using. Not perfect, but quite a bit of coverage. It never even rubbed off on ANYTHING! I wore it on one of the hottest, most humid days of this summer, too. I was absolutely amazed, although it was a bit sticky, which I thought might be due to the high humidity. Came off very easily with soap, water, and a washcloth. The next time I used it, I decided to use the moisturizer. That day, the cover-up rubbed off on EVERYTHING! I was shocked since I had such good luck the first time. I used it one more time, without the moisturizer, thinking the moisturizer may have made it easier to come off even though it’s never supposed to. Well, you guessed it – it came off on everything my legs touched again! I am really turned off now. It seems as though it’s an inferior product – not consistent. I was hoping to wear it to my son’s wedding in the spring, but I don’t think I want to leave a trail of cover-up wherever I go! The color was not perfect for my legs, but OK enough to wear. There really is no choice of color for anyone – I’m not so pale that I need the pale color and I’m not African-American or so tanned that I need the third choice. My only option is the tan color, with no variety of shades in-between. I didn’t read the reviews before I purchased, either. What a mistake. I tried to use the sponge applicator on my second try and it wound up ripping (!) and the cover-up started coming out from the top of the sponge instead of the bottom. What a mess! I had pieces of sponge applicator all over. Can’t believe this product. My husband wouldn’t touch my legs after the first time he touched them with the cover up on them. He said “Eww!”. I will be refusing any subsequent orders they send to me if I can’t get through to their customer service, which I cannot find anywhere to do that either!

  24. Joan Rivers Right to Bare Legs stinks and did nothing to cover my freckles, tattoos,etc.. Joan Rivers, you should be ashamed of yourself. You a celebrity selling a terrible, fake, not true to your add product. People do not buy this product. Also, I understand you can’t cancel your order, well if I receive another shipment of this crap, and charge it on my credit card, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

    • I agree, she should be ashamed of herself. What a money making scam, like she doesn’t have enough, and should be refunding without a hassle. What if her plastic surgeon messed up her face? Would she say “It’s ok, I’ll keep paying you in installments for the surgery anyway”?

      • So glad I didn’t order this product!! glad I checked out the reviews first, because I was certainly impressed by the infomercial!! Thanks to all for your honesty!

  25. I was so into ordering this Bare Legs since Joan Rivers made it so believable. I am glad I read the Right to Bare Legs reviews prior to ordering and decided not to order. Shame on Joan Rivers to advertise such a product….like paste, poor customer service and most of all ….it does not work. Are you really desperate for money Joan Rivers? You fool people who have such high hopes and that is very sad!

  26. My sister and I decided to try this Right to Bare Legs after watching the infomercial many times. We had very high hopes that this product would cover the marks on my lower legs (due to capillaritis) and the marks on her lower legs (from hair bumps). We were VERY disappointed with the coverage (it was very streaky) AND the color (we are light-skinned “African Americans” she is slightly darker than I am, but the color didn’t really match either one of us)! Please, PLEASE do not waste your money on this product! It is very much like the Paul Mitchell “leg make-up” that I tried from Macy’s. The only difference is that it dried a little faster. This was truly a waste of our time and money. 🙁

  27. I waited 3 months, then called the company to say it’s being shipped today, now isn’t that a trip. I told them I didn’t want it and they said they would drop the price and take care of S&H. The sorry crap arrived, I tried it one time, looked like I was preparing for my funeral.

    Surprise, surprise just got an e-mail to say another order was being shipped today which I plan to not accept. This is one of the worst scamming company I’ve run across ever. What can we do to stop this?

  28. I purchased the product Joan Rivers Bare Legs. I used it twice. I think this is the worst product I have ever bought. The applicator doesn’t work. The makeup streaks, its almost impossible to get it off. I am sending it back soon as I can find the address on this product….take my advise….DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME.

  29. After waiting over 6 weeks to receive this order, and using it only a couple of times, I now realize why I am not only terribly disappointed but horrified as well. NOW I recognize the pasty, opaque look this “makeup” creates. This “product” could undoubtedly be obtained more cheaply and much more quickly from a funeral home supplier – their “clients” probably don’t care that the product is sticky and thick and rubs off on everything it comes into contact with. I am simply dumbfounded; no, make that just plain dumb – for falling for this pitch.

  30. It is disgusting that Joan Rivers is allowed to get away with this scam. Her product (Right to Bare Legs) does not work. I ordered the product on May 19 and it did not arrive until July 17th, a delay of 3 months. I got the tan because the sales person said that is the best one for my skin tone (I am a black person with carmel coloring), the tan is more for a very pale white person, plus it looks like very heavy make-up on my skin. It offers absolutely no coverage at all, what a scam!!

    They did not include a receipt with the product or information to return the product, although I am not sure that I want to spend any more money on this, because the return postage is going to cost me. I think she in this not to sell the product but more to make money on the postage, because the product is lousy and does live up to its claim.

    There are other products on the market that offers better covered but is just as heavy on the skin and you really look like you are wearing make-up on your legs just like JOAN RIVERS RIGHT TO BARE LEGS.


  31. You know what, ladies, I’d rather give this Right to Bare Legs to someone who can’t afford make up than to send it back; I’m so leery about sending it back because I feel like I won’t receive my damn money back. I’m caramel complected and they don’t even cover my spider veins… It do, but I gotta apply it heavily; and then I wind up looking as fake as the Joan itself. The “African American” skinned person at the top of this post (with the only good review) said it worked like a charm….huh! what was she, albino? Listen, it’s too watery, we’ll be better off using cover girl or Avon for all this. Yep I feel stupid too…I even looked for reviews on this product, but didn’t see this site til after…MAN!! Here’s the “not -so -funny” part…you can go on the website and can get about 3 different toll free numbers and they all have the same recording “we have very a high volume of calls” (probably complaints) and they don’t even give you the option to wait for an operator and line just hangs up after the message. I called the “order” line to speak to someone and get this…it’s totally separate, she can’t even get no one in customer service for me. All she said was that its Monday and many businesses are very busy, just call back tomorrow.

    You know what, I’ll just use it on my face when I’m out of foundation until I get more (shoot, I just might break out). I not gonna lie, I tried that too, but the shade is still a little too light. I bought Tan, but it rubs on lighter than it appears. That’s how I know that “African American” Naomi has got to be getting paid for her wonderful acting skills. I’ll damn sure never swim up the Joan’s River again. Yes I call her “The Joan” because she doesn’t even look human. sorry.

  32. I just received Joan Rivers Right to Bare Legs yesterday (7/17/10), I tried it on and was very pleased; I have dark marks and chicken pox marks on my legs since I was a child, I wore pants once and after peoples questions regarding the ugly marks on my legs, I said never again. I’ve always wanted to wear skirts, shorts, and not have to use cover us at the beach, but was too embarrassed to do so; So as you can imagine I dreaded the summer time. Before purchasing this product, I was discouraged by the negative reviews, but decided to give it a try anyway, since I had 60 days to return it. OH MY GOD I LOVED IT! I have brown African American skin, and it is the first time that I try a product that feels comfortable and looks natural, and trust me I’ve tried everything!!! My boyfriend and my grandmother were shocked to see me in shorts, I’ve never felt so beautiful, I finally felt normal, instead of an outcast…i no longer will have to look at other young girls like myself, and wish I had there skin….THANK YOU JOAN RIVERS!!! I love the price, the affordability, the feel and natural look of this product. I wish Joan makes a bronzing powder that you can use long with this product. Don’t listen to the negative reviews, if it can cover my scars, it will work for you..blend with your fingers instead of using the sponge…be quick because it dries fast. Also this product did not cover my leg marks completely, but it helped concealed them with a natural look…this is the first time I feel confident as a young women, I RECOMMEND this product 100% JOAN RIVERS PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THIS PRODUCT, AND THANK YOU FOR CATERING TO ALL SKIN COMPLEXIONS….i love you for that.

    Happy like never before,

    Naomi, NJ

    comment on: 7/18/2010

    • Natural looking my A…. Right to Bare Legs works like cheap foundation…you know why….it sounds like you are older so apparently you have wrinkles also… my point is that I’m black, thirty and don’t grow hair on my legs at all (thanks dad!) and I swear as i’m writing this, I have one bottle in my purse (just came in mail 2 days ago) and before I hit “submit” I tried it again on my leg and what do I see…the fine wrinkles in my legs pretty much highlighted. yes like I’m ashy as hell and tried to put make up over it.

      Ladies darker than hispanics…this product is not for you.
      Ladies trying to have “sexy” legs..this product is not for you.

  33. Joan River’s Right to Bare Legs does not work at all. I am sorry I fell for it, since I’ll be out the shipping both ways. I feel stupid but I have tried laser to remove spider veins, and they return…….I can only wear long clothing. I got my hopes up about this stuff.

    I hope I don’t get stuck in the re-order process: I ordered one time only. Unlike previous reviews, I WAS able to reach consumer services and arrange a return, although I found it very interesting that they offered to refund me half the price I paid for the product, and I could then just keep the product. I wonder if they are making some money on this method, as well as on the shipping charges?

    I will put my Right to Bare Legs review on as many sites as I can, in order to warn others about it. Maybe this should be consumer lawsuit? People should simply not be allowed to make absurd claims and still make $$ off of people like us!

  34. No, do not bother. This Right to Bare Legs is very heavy and unnatural. It does cover but looks so unnatural. It takes longer than 10 minutes to ‘set’ and you have to really scrub to get it off hands and legs

    • Jenny, look who’s selling the product…girl, we should have known 🙁

      Unnatural see
      unnatural does

  35. do not waste your time please, Right to Bare Legs does not cover anything don’t believe anyone here saying it good. I repeat do not buy Joan Rivers Right to Bare Legs.

  36. I am so disappointed with Joan River’s Right to Bare Legs, shame to sell these creams, they do nothing! and charge for shipping $9.00?! its NOT covering veins how is it gonna cover tattoo?! that are fat lie on TV show, making many on Shipping and Handling?! SHAME!

  37. DIL ordered the first product to try – got it did not like it. Did not work for her. Then in the mail last week comes another order that she did not place. No paperwork in the box so she called her credit card company to find out that she was charged for the order. Got that taken off. (She did not sign up for the continuing order) But the company won’t send return postage – they expect her to pay for it. Am going to file a complaint with the attorney general’s office on this company. I agree it is a scam!

      • WARNING:

        If you sign up for the membership, You will never get through to cancel.

        K, I see your friend didn’t subscribe to that, I’m just warning folks because this is why I NEVER fall for membership…mainly because I forget to cancel.

        I’m sorry about all theses posts, but I am just so disappointed like evryoone else on this site.

  38. Guess I’ll never know if this Right to Bare Legs works; what a scam. They don’t even have anybody at that company bright enough to know that Fedex doesn’t deliver to PO Boxes. I want my money back and Joan exposed for the sheister she is. From the comments it doesn’t look like I’ll get to speak with a customer service rep and I’m not going to waste my time trying. So, I’ll call my ceredit card company and let them know what is going on with this scam and get them to cancel payment. Bub-bye joan.

  39. I ordered this Joan Rivers Right to Bare Legs A MONTH ago. I’ve tried the online Customer Status – nothing new, almost a dead page. I’ve called and called customer service during their posted hours – every prompt gives me the same recorded messages (like “do to overwhelming demand lines are busy” but there is no call queue, doesn’t matter what time I call. It’s like I called somebody’s house and they used a cheap answering system and recorded a series of messages to “look” like it’s a call center, but NEVER get a LIVE person. I’m thinking Joan Rivers is a scam queen…is that how she got successful?

  40. I ordered the product, “Right to Bare Legs” two weeks ago and still have not received it. How long does it take?

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